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The Campus Journal's Native Revisers
  • by Baik Jong Min, reporter
  • 승인 2018.12.06 14:37
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An Illustration of the previous reviser Luke passing over the task to the current reviser Katerina.

The English newspaper that represents Changwon National University is the Campus Journal. Within this group of reporters, there is a reviser who is a native speaker from abroad that proofreads every article that has been written by the reporters before it gets published the following week. It is no easy task for the Korean writers to brainstorm a topic and write the article in English, their second language; however, the job is not always simple for the revisers either, since they have to reinterpret the individual statements of every writer and inspect them for any grammar or spelling mistakes that might be present in the report. With that said, Luke Hansen, the previous native reviser, and Katerina Noori, the current native reviser of the Campus Journal, were interviewed to see what their perspective on the Campus Journal is.

Q: How was it when you started out as a reviser for the Campus Journal?

Luke: I would say that the work itself was not that difficult, but having no contact with the student writers themselves made it quite challenging. I often found sentences with ambiguous meanings, and every time I found one, I had to reach out to the students and ask them what they meant and push through with my revising. Other than that, I found not much of a difficulty in being the reviser for the Campus Journal.

Katerina: At first it was rather intimidating. I felt that I really wanted to do a good job, but wasn’t sure if I would be successful. I found that reading an article all the way through before editing has really helped me understand some of the more difficult sentences.

Q: What were some of the most memorable articles that you’ve handled and revised?

Luke: “Goodbye CWNU: Last words from professors” was a touching article that I can still recall, because it was nice to hear some parting words from retiring professors and it was a nice homage to them as well after teaching in the university for a very long period of time. I was also very pleased with the articles about the events on campus because they were interesting and informative.

Katerina: Some of the most memorable articles I have revised are the interview articles. I enjoy reading and learning from the students’ perspectives. I feel that these articles help me see from another perspective. In addition, my favorite article was probably “foundation-free”, because this article took a complicated topic and made it relatable while making me feel empowered to be myself.

Q: What do you expect from future articles to be written by the Campus Journal?

Luke: I would hope that the writers would go out and find a story about school life that solves the curiosity of the people and informs more students about what is going on in the community. I would also like to see opinion pieces from time to time about controversial issues or simple things on the campus that need to be spoken about.

Katerina: As the current reviser, I expect that the articles will continue to educate and amaze me as well as the readers of the Campus Journal. I enjoy seeing how students think and write about a variety of topics every two weeks and accomplish writing an article for the whole campus to read and be informed. I hope that in the following articles, there will be even more creative subjects that will be discussed. I also expect that I will continue to grow as an editor and learn how to best correct articles.

Overall, the writers receive a huge amount of help from the revisers in the Campus Journal. The team works as cohesively as they can in order to ensure that no column has a major flaw in any part of the newspaper. This effort pays off with the most informative newspaper written in English being published throughout the campus for more people to be informed and entertained. It is also worth noting that surely the cub reporters are truly remarkable for their endeavors involving interviews, editing, and writing that they deal with during the semester along with their majors. However, the real hero of the Campus Journal is the reviser because they put a tremendous effort to comprehend and finalize what the reporters have written.

By Baik Jong-Min, reporter

by Baik Jong Min, reporter  Jmbae1025@gmail.com

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