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The Democratic Party of the U.S. Now Holds the Lower House
  • Park Seon-gyeong, reporter
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▲ Data showing the distribution of the two political parties after the midterm election

On November 6th, the U.S. held a midterm election. The midterm election is held in the second year of the U.S. president's four-year term. The mid-term election decides one third of the upper house members and all lower house members. This is an indicator of how much influence Donald Trump will have in carrying out his political desires in the future. In other words, the U.S. midterm election is similar to the president's mid-term evaluation. Especially the world's attention has been focused on the many scandals and political issues since Trump's election.

As a result, the Democratic Party won the House of Representatives and the Senate is occupied by the Republicans. This has left Congress controlled by neither side. Congress has been transformed into a divided congress. A majority party in the executive and a majority in the legislature are not same. In fact, it can be interpreted that Trump's influence will be reduced. Although the Republican Party increased its Senate seats, the anti-Trump sentiment among women and college graduates in suburban areas intensified. This was partly shown by the number of seats that changed from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party.

In particular, four governors in the Rust Belt region, which helped boost Trump's election, have been replaced by people from the Democratic Party. And the Democrats who were in the Rust Belt have not lost their seats. The fact that the vote of the Rust Belt, which had been considered a solid base for trump, has moved to the Democratic Party could be a fatal factor for Trump in the future.

Nevertheless, the Republican Party won the Senate and swing states, securing support again. Swing states here means areas in which flexibility of the voters is secured because of the lack of political bias in the United States. Therefore, this victory could be a hopeful factor in Trump's next presidential election.

The Democratic Party opened the possibility of expanding its power by occupying more than half of the lower house. They have also secured additional governors in regions that are typically run by Republican. However, it is weaker than the Republican Party's backlash in the 2010 midterm election when Obama was president. In other words, the Republican Party did not have as much influence when it threatened Obama in the midterm election. Perhaps Trump's current trend in the U.S. is not bad. However, though the Democratic Party lost its key Senate and governor positions, it is expected to increase its approval rating until the next presidential election.

The midterm election, which was a close race, is over. According to the US media, America is divided into two parts: the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Both have their weakness and strengths, as shown by the midterm election. It expected that they will spread out more systematic politic basis by making up for the weak points. After the midterm election, Donald Trump updated his twitter and attributed success to himself. Now the US looks toward the presidential election in 2020. No one can know whether Donald Trump will win or not at that time.

Park Seon-gyeong, reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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