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SFACE, a team that knows the strengths of each member
  • by Gwon Min-gwan, reporter
  • 승인 2018.10.25 21:20
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▲ After visiting BMW plant in Munich, Germany (from left to right: Jeong Jin-ho, Jeon Song-yi and Kim Jong-yoon )

CWNU offers students an opportunity to go abroad by selecting teams to visit overseas every semester. As more and more students are interested in foreign countries, the competition for overseas tours is also increasing. I met Jeong Jin-ho, a team member of SFACE which was selected as the best team in the overseas results report. Let's take a look at some of the tips and amazing stories of the SFACE team's overseas trip.

Q: How did you choose team members and your team name?

Jeong: I participated in 'LG Display Contest' and 'Samsung Tomorrow Solution'. At that time, I got to know Jeon Song-yi, a student in the Global Business Department and we became a team with Kim Jong-yoon, my roommate who is also majoring in electrical engineering. As we prepared for the contest, we talked about the latest technology trends, and we did a lot of research on the 4th Industrial Revolution and shared a lot of knowledge with each other. At the end of the contest, we were challenged by a similar theme, exploring the 4th industrial revolution overseas.

The ‘SF’ part of the team name is from “Smart Factory”, the key of 4th industrial revolution. The Smart Factory produces customized products at minimum cost and time by integrating the entire production process, including planning, design, production, distribution and sales of products, into ICT (Information Communication Technology). We added ACE to become an ace of the 4th industrial Revolution. This is how we decided on SFACE for our team name.

Q: What is the biggest advantage SFACE had to be chosen for an overseas tour?

Jeong: Our team consists of a global business major and two majors in electronics. There are a lot of students who mistakenly believe that all tasks of the 4th industrial revolution are given to engineering students, but it isn’t true. In terms of the institutional and marketing aspects, Song-yi, a student in the global business department, studied the technical aspects and practicality of a smart factory. What we were able to fuse with each other was the biggest strength that our team had. So, the judges were impressed by our cooperation as we worked together on the project though we study different subjects.

Also, Song-yi can speak French because she studied in France which is one of the countries where we were going to visit. When interviewing, we wanted to attract the judges’ attention so we started by introducing the team in French.

Q: Which of the countries was the most memorable?

Jeong: It’s not the most memorable but it’s surprising, so I’d like to tell you. I went to Zurich Federal National University in Switzerland. It is known as the school where Einstein was a professor, the school that produced 21 Nobel Prizes, and a world-recognized engineering university. Also, the term '4th Industrial Revolution' was first coined at the Davos Forum in Switzerland, and I wanted to ask and talk to students in Switzerland about the smart factory. We asked them what they thought about the problem of losing jobs and the deepening of the gap between the rich and the poor.

Swiss people receive almost 3 million won from the country even though they do not currently work due to the development of the tourism industry. The job issue didn't matter to them because developing the smart factory would increase the nation's technology and increase the amount of money they receive. They agreed that the gap between the rich and the poor was growing. It made me think of the sad reality in Korea when I saw Swiss students could study new technologies related to their studies without any concerns about jobs.

Q: Was there any disagreement or confusion among the team members during the overseas trip?

Jeong: During the contest, we talked a lot and spent a lot of time with each other, so we didn't argue or get into trouble. There was a small disagreement. While Jong-yoon and I wanted to try an active activity, Song-yi wanted to go to eat delicious food, but we managed to solve it through conversation. We had a day of free time and then we got together again in the evening to share what each of us did.

Q: What's the biggest benefit of your trip abroad?

Jeong: I think I've changed my perspective on the world and broadened my mind. When I was doing one thing, I didn't want to look at it on the other side, but I tried to look at it in many ways. And after being selected for an overseas tour, I gained a lot of confidence. When I was a freshman in college, I used to do a lot of passive things, but now I've got a mind to try new things. If students at CWNU are interested in a variety of good programs or other activities, I hope you will try without fear. At first, even if it's strange and awkward, challenging yourself will give you a richer and more interesting college life.

by Gwon Min-gwan, reporter  1zstarz1@naver.com

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