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Am I carboydrate addict
  • Seo Seong-Il, cub-reporter
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Am I carbohydrate addict?

Our recommended daily intake of carbohydrates is 100 grams. Given the 70g carbohydrate content of a bowl of rice sold in convenience stores, the amount of carbohydrates we eat is ridiculous. If you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’re eating at least twice the recommended amount of carbohydrates. So what happens to our bodies when we eat more than the recommended amount of carbohydrates? Excessive intake of carbohydrates causes blood sugar to rise. When the blood sugar level rises, the ‘Insulin’ in the role of keeping the blood sugar level constant becomes an excess. Insulin is a hormone that stores energy and promotes absorption of fat and protein by passing glucose into the blood. This excess of insulin can lead to poor insulin secretion that can lead to diabetes and obesity due to the excessive secretion of fatty acids. Also, when insulin is excreted, blood sugar drops and we want to eat more carbohydrates again. Addicted to this cycle of excess carbohydrates and insulin is called ‘carbohydrate addiction’. Carbohydrate addiction can make a huge difference not only in physical imbalances, but also mentally. Because blood sugar index continues to change beyond its normal range, we may feel tired without reason, and the level of depression, anxiety and stress increases. If you have these symptoms, you can perform self-diagnosis through the checklist below.

▲carbohydrate addiction self-diagnostic checklist

When we self-diagnose, most of the items are familsiar to us. According to the International Diabetes Federation(IDF), 25 percent of the world’s population is suffering from carbohydrate addiction. Among them, the proportion of Koreans who eat rice is high. According to a study by the European Journal of Nutrition in 2018, dividing the percentage of food eaten by Koreans by carbohydrate : protein : fat is 66:15:19, which is overwhelming compared to the ratio of Americans 50:16:33. Americans consume hamburgers and enjoy eating dessert. However, Koreans who eat rice and ramen often mostly eat more carbohydrates. This means that Koreans eating habits are more likely to lead to diabetes and obesity than diets in the U.S, and they need to improve their eating habits.

A diet to prevent carbohydrate addiction is eating low-sugar carbohydrates. The blood sugar level should be lowered through low-blood sugar foods such as vegetables, fish, fruits, dairy products, nuts, and multi-grain rice. Also, avoid foods high in blood sugar such as white rice, ramen, potato, bread, and fast food. And more, It is better to eat a protein-based diet such as fish, eggs, and lean meat than a carbohydrate diet. This is because eating protein can help prevent carbohydrate addiction by suppressing the secretion of insulin. Drinking too much alcohol or beverages with caffeine also lowers your blood sugar and can make you eat more carbohydrates. Eating fiber-rich foods can also help keep carbohydrates in check.

Therefore, if you have a carbohydrate addiction, avoid frequently drinking alcohol and eat low-blood sugar foods, protein-based diets, fiber-rich foods, and satiety foods. And if you check more than seven items on the self-diagnosis checklist, you will need hospital treatment, you will need to control your own carbohydrates and sugar intake. But it’s not good to limit your intake of carbohydrates to the extreme. Let’s hope you can properly consume carbohydrates to maintain a healthy body and eat delicious food.

By Seo-Seong Il cub-reporter

Seo Seong-Il, cub-reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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