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if you die tomorrow, what you will do today?
  • Seo Seong-Il cub-reporter
  • 승인 2018.09.16 14:30
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Will today be normal when you know you'll die tomorrow? An Existentialist answer would be ‘yes’. Existentialists think their personal choice and responsibility are more important than social duties and thought. For example, Existentialism would say, “I will live like this.” but not think about “how an average human being should live”.

We often believe that we lead our own lives. But in most cases, people only live according to socially approved ideas and lifestyles. What do we do and how to behave are already decided by social customs and public opinion. for example, Most of us grow up with basic education according to our parents' wishes in kindergarten. and compulsory education courses conducted by the government(elementary school, middle school) In high school education, some students have not only in private education but also take classes in the arts try to study and get good grades while reducing their sleep. What's the reason for this? The reason is for entering university in Korea has become the a normal social climate. Students also choose universities and departments that are well-employed after graduation and socially accepted. Due to social gaze and pressure, they're afraid of thinking about what they like and what they're good at. With this perception, we aim to graduate quickly and get a job in a big company. Most people live like this, and even students who haven't done this yet know they'll ultimately have that goal.

Consequentially, we are locked this generalized life. Why has it become a life goal to study far from one's interests and to get a job in a big company? It is because we are more focused on social things than ourselves.

To be free from social things, existentialists say "focus on the very existence of an individual and face the extreme and certain limits of death.“ It is possible to recognize one's own existence and live a real life through the idea of dying tomorrow. Facing death all the values of the world are worthless. Also, humans face a situation where we have to rethink the meaning of existence, because our own reasons for existence become uncertain. Through the repetition of this thought, we can understand death and make valuable choices for ourselves and live happily ever after.

Hyderger, a existential scholar, has claimed through his book 'Survival and Time' that humans are meant to die. In the book, he discusses the importance of being, how finite time gives humans dignity, and how to think about time and how to live it. We can condense his thoughts on time into, “how would you spend your time if you were to die tomorrow?

If you thought today was your last day, would you live with socially approved ideas and lifestyles? Probably not. You would realize the importance of your existence and time. You would think about and build your own life. You'd regain your enthusiasm and focus on your desires. You would live a more valuable life by thinking about and practicing your priorities over your social duties and social perspectives. Maybe you don't know what to do, you have to ask yourself the real question. “If you were to die tomorrow, how would you spend today?

Seo Seong-Il cub-reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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