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In feminism an uncomfortable movement?
  • Park Ji-Hwan, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2018.09.12 20:06
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The representive phrase of feminism that women can be treated equally with men

What definition of feminism do you know? 'Feminisim' is derived from the Latin 'Femina', which means to 'Possess the characteristic of a woman’. It focuses on the human rights problems caused by not treating women the same as men. It also refers to a series of movements to show society what is right. Feminism is not a biological problem, but a sociological problem. In the past, women were seriously oppressed, so the word 'feminism' was used to campaign to improve the human rights of women. However, there is a view that gender inequality has been resolved slightly in modern society, and the word ‘Feminism’ is for women only. There is also controversy as to whether to continue to use the words that were originally used or to replace them with words related to gender equality.
Feminism, which began in the early modern era, has improved human rights in a wide range of areas such as women's right to vote and suffrage, the right to obtain and exercise equal status as men legally, and the protection of children and the elderly. In modern society, the opportunities for women to enter society have increased, and patriarchal perspectives such as the preference for boys have decreased. But it's just a relative increase in human rights over the past, and discrimination against women still exists throughout society. For example, a common discrimination in everyday life is an action taken because someone “is a woman”. Feminist advocates shout 'No' at society’s perception trying to confine them in the framework of 'women'. Most of them say that they are fighting independently over gender discrimination and can stand tall in society as individuals rather than women. That is to say 'Girls can do anything'. This phrase presents their ideas correctly. Recently, feminists are following the "Me Too" campaign, a hashtag campaign launched in the United States. It's a movement that encourages people to recognize the universality of the female experience of hatred and sexual assault. In addition, various activities are taking place, including demonstrations at Hyehwa Station and campaigns to abolish abortion laws. The spread of the feminist movement also have a positive impact, such as donations or sponsorship of single mothers.
‘Feminism’, like ‘Equality’, and 'Human Rights' can be seen as a desirable and peaceful movement. However, with the 'Radical Feminism' craze, the original meaning and purpose of 'Feminism' has faded. These original ideas and movements deal with very basic and most sensitive aspects of humans such as 'sex' and 'human rights.' Nonetheless, there are increasing numbers of radical feminists who simply share the superficial view of feminism, ignore the rights of other genders, ignore the rights of socially marginalized people and claim only women's rights. In addition, the use of 'feminism' as a commercial factor is also increasing. For example, it is common to raise sales revenue by indiscriminately placing feminist phrases on products at various clothing sites. Some people and some men mistakenly perceive feminism as a negative idea that rejects men, and the polarization between men and women is intensifying.
If you want to support the feminism movement, you should first deeply consider the true purpose and nature of the movement. Not only that, those who oppose 'feminism' need to try to understand the exact nature, definition, and purpose of the movement, rather than indiscriminately criticizing it based only on negative stereotypes. Feminism is shouting 'NO' to discrimination and shouting 'YES' about everything you can do for yourself. Feminism is for everyone. In the end, it is desirable that all members of society aim for a society that protects their own rights and guarantees equal rights.

Park Ji-Hwan, cub-reporter  mm9780@naver.com

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