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How well do you know yourself?
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, cub-reporter
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What kind of person you are? There are people who get motivated and gain energy from others while others are motivated and gain energy from themselves. This can be measured through personality type tests such as MBTI or HOLLAND. According to MBTI and HOLLAND, there are eight types of personalities. In this way, The English Campus Journal will put together the types of personality so that you can find which one best represents you. Such tests have been created to better understand yourself and explain how to develop a balanced self-esteem for those who forget themselves.

There are eight types of personalities. First, depending on the focus of the energy direction, personality is divided into “Outward and Inward.” The extroverts have a wide range of interpersonal relationships and are often told to be social. Making friends and meeting people is found to be easy. On the other hand, the introverts show a tendency to understand themselves before experiencing something, and express their thoughts more than words. Second, according to the way in which information is received, personality is divided into a “Sensing and an Intuition.” Sensing is realistic and practical, such as remembering details of each tree rather than the forest. Intuition is rich in imagination and is explained figuratively when describing events, the location of things, and so on.

Thirdly, depending on when making a decision between an accident and an emotion, it is classified into “Thinking type and Feeling type.” Thinking types tend to be determined by principles and are distinguished between public and private matters. The feeling type is the one that always sympathize with the mind of another person and does not hurt the mind of the opponent. Finally, according to one’s lifestyle, it is divided into “Judging type and Perceiving type.” The judging type thinks that it is important to set up a plan and to finish work within a fixed time. The perceiving type lives autonomously and pursues change. In these four areas, you can combine alphabets of your personality type to analyze your personality and make up for the shortcomings you may have. You can understand yourself first and then you can think “What makes me truly happy.”

Just as important as knowing yourself is recognizing yourself and forming a healthy self-esteem. Self-esteem is a kind of self-confidence that recognizes what self-worth is, and can be achieved in life according to their efforts. Such self-esteem has different levels. This can lead to healthy self-esteem or to a state of failure, depending on how others evaluate themselves during the growth process. But too high or too low self-esteem can be a problem. Those with extremely low self-esteem determine their current behavior based on how others feel about themselves. In addition, they live in consciousness of the other's eyes independent of their reality. Sometimes inferiority is so severe that they are afraid of failure and cannot accept compliments or positive responses. Then how do you keep healthy self-esteem in everyday life?

The first is writing a positive diary. Write in your diary about your achievement, positive feedback from people, and positive thoughts about yourself. The negative thoughts will not disappear completely, but they will help you to raise your value as a whole. The second is to forgive yourself. Everyone is not perfect, not just you. If you can accept what you see, you will be able to have a high level of self-respect even while you are making efforts to improve. It can also be helpful to write emotions such as positive reinforcements or regrets on blank paper. The third is to admit the difference between others without comparing oneself. How about focus on what you do well and cheer others up for success? It is a good idea to accept yourself and always try to make the best possible situation. Is it not the beginning of truly loving myself? It starts with identifying who you are and then recognizing the benefits it can provide.”

By Lee Yeon-ju, cub-reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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