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The 2018 Youth Employment Policy
  • By Park Ji-Hawn, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2018.05.13 17:45
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Young people these days have difficulty finding jobs and basic living requirements, such as housing. As a result, the number of economically inactive young people is increasing rapidly in Korea, some of which are giving up their jobs. The reality is that even young people who are engaged in job hunting are spending more than 6,000 won per meal. In this situation, the youth unemployment rate, which is at its highest ever, is causing financial trouble for young people. The current youth unemployment rate is at 24 percent. In other words, one in four people cannot get a job. The government has come up with a variety of youth policies over the past five years to address the youth unemployment problem. However, the policies was ineffective, and only indirect methods such as job training were available.

To solve the various problems of the current youth job policy, the government has come up with the " 2018 youth job policy.” Unlike before, the new policy focuses on direct support, such as youth job promotion benefits. In addition, the government has come up with measures to support stable lives of young people, by offering support towards housing and debt. These measure help the youth in ways beyond jobs. The 2018 youth employment policy provides incentives directly to businesses and young people at the governmental level, reducing the various economic burdens young people feel during the job process. At the same time, it plans to create jobs for young people by increasing institutional infrastructure. The 2018 youth employment policy can ease the burden of youth by effectively pushing ahead with the budget rather than collecting and supporting additional taxes.

The new policy also expands the employment of public institutions from 2.3 million to 2.8 million, and enables youth centers to provide direct counseling as well as online and social networking services. It also plans to extend the length of unemployment benefits and hire blind workers, while helping companies and the government pay about 16 million won out of the total number of jobs in two years. Major projects will be implemented immediately and efforts will be made to expand support. From this year on, it plans to revise the tax law so that tax benefits, such as exemption of income tax from small businesses and youth, can be applied.

Although, to some people, it appears that young people are not actively utilizing such useful policies. Chang Ga-young (20180068), a professor of English literature at the Department of Human Resources Studies, said, "Although we are aware of the difficulty of finding employment in the youth, the government's support policies are complicated and limited in scope of support."

However, the 2018 youth job policy is not as difficult or complicated as young people think. More and more services are available to help people find employment through social networking sites and are available online anytime, anywhere. In addition, the form of a job activity plan or report submission is likely to be freed, reducing the burden on young people. Currently, it appears that young people at the center of social activities will need to look at the new youth job policy with interest and actively use it to get out of job anxiety and avoid financial issues.

By Park Ji-Hawn, cub-reporter  mm9780@naver.com

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