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What do you think about blind recruitment?
  • Park Seon-gyeong
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▲ Blind recruitment has pros and cons

A recent survey of 199 human resource managers from a famous job site investigated changes in the Korean job market. The biggest changes were the increase in the number of job seekers and the new blind recruitment system. As many companies, including state-run companies, have declared admission of the new standard in their hiring, blind recruitment is expected to become more widespread.

Blind recruitment means the method of evaluating only a candidate’s ability to perform a field of work, without listing the place of birth, educational background, a photo or physical conditions on the job application. In this way, employers want to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. Instead, it focuses on evaluating the knowledge and skills required to perform specific tasks. In other words, they intend to exclude any specifications that are unrelated to their duties. The government announced the measures to promote the adoption of blind recruitment for equal opportunity and it went into full force in July 2017.

However, blind recruitment is controversial amongst college students and those who are about to get hired. Proponents say that it could provide equal opportunities for job competition, which was irrational due to academic backgrounds and family lineage. On the other hand, opponents claim that it is reverse discrimination by not being evaluated based on the results obtained after their efforts, such as how they did on tests or in school. We listened to some opinions from our classmates and other students from other universities on the subject of blind recruitment.

A positive position


I am positive about blind recruitment. It is necessary for a country focusing on academic cliques such as Korea. In such societies, there’s too much judging and evaluating individuals based on their academic backgrounds, so, l think that we should change that. With this way, it would provide a more equal environment. On the other hand, I don’t know exactly how much the system excludes those elements. My expectations are not high because I’m suspicious about the effectiveness of verification. We often see corruption in personnel policies. Nevertheless, it is better to do something rather than do nothing.


I agree. Until now, companies have often regarded academic background as the most important factor in recruitment. There is a rumor that big enterprises classify the document screening on university background. Therefore, students who have relatively poor academic backgrounds who had a dream of entering a large or public company, can’t. Of course, I cannot ignore the efforts made by applicants with a good university background. However, I think it is extremely disadvantageous to those who are more prepared after entering the university. Today, I think hiring through this system to expand the possibility of employment can be a big benefit for job seekers. To omit the various specifications would be a benefit in hiring more adequate people from the company’s perspective.

A negative position


I understand that blind hiring is an objective system which excludes an applicant’s educational background. Companies evaluate based on their criteria for each field. I wonder if this system is really the most effective way to grasp an applicant’s ability. The effort that an individual has put into their study since entering university shouldn’t be ignored. I think that these factors in employment can also be a standard of evaluation. For instance, maybe 2 candidates would look equal in blind recruitmeny, but after considering other factors (like their grade in university) employers can choose more qualified people.


It doesn’t seem practical to hire applicants through blind recruitment. It is not clear whether enterprises are doing so faithfully. Society already puts a lot of pressure on qualifications. Regardless of their job field, applicants are bound to feel anxious about other criteria such as TOEIC and language training abroad. For me, blind hiring is said to be equal, but it means people have to acquire more experience and more abilities. Also, there are variables that may depend on the applicant’s character, such as in the interview. It is questionable how much time a company can spend judging an applicant’s effort.

By Park Seon-gyeong, reporter

Park Seon-gyeong  asdf9382@naver.com

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