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#Me Too Movement: Making the world a better place
  • Jeong Seung-In, reporter
  • 승인 2018.03.20 00:37
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The Me Too Movement is growing widespread attention in society recently. The movement encourages women and children to reveal their stories and share their experiences of victimization with each other and to show their pain to the world. The movement which first started in 2006, began to spread through society anonymously. But as the victims gradually began to talk about their experiences, it became a bigger issue. The greatest significance of this movement is that affected people can now join together to draw social attention and prevent others from ever having to go through the same pain that they have suffered. The Me Too Movement's credibility comes from the fact that it's difficult for victims to lie since they have to reveal themselves openly and point out their perpetrators.

It is difficult for these victims to simply report their suffering to the police because most sexual assaults happen within the group to which victims belong. In fact, 80% of sexual crimes’ assailants are someone from the victims' social group. Therefore, if the victims report their rape or other incident, it could lead to problems within his or her group. That is why the victims hesitate about reporting the crime and why most sexual crimes are concealed. It is also very difficult for the victims to report a crime to the police if the assailant is someone with a superior position in their workplace or social group. These criminal blind spots are fields of education, film and sports. New knowledge and awareness of the absurd things which have been taking place in these fields will now lead to better equality. As the movement becomes more active, the victims who had to keep all their pain to themselves will now become known to the world and prevent future victims of going through the pain like they have. The Me Too Movement gives solidarity and confidence to those who are facing the same problem.

However, it should be kept in mind that most Me Too Movements are publicly supported while organizers and victims try to remain anonymous. Many people rely more on victims' words than the perpetrators' opinions. If an alleged crime turns out to be false, the anonymous victim isn't necessarily affected much, but the person who was accused will be stigmatized as a criminal it will be difficult for him to return to society and have a regular life.

“I have a big interest in the Me Too Movement that is spreading through every career field of society. In the past, I also had to endure some pain from someone without being able to inform about my surroundings because of my status. However, the Me Too Movement has recently created a social atmosphere which gives us courage to speak out loud. I think that the general atmosphere of society is starting change by people listening to the victims more than before. This could be a cure for the pain of the victims. I feel the Me Too Movement gives a positive energy which is making a healthier society. Also, I hope that the Me Too Movement does not end up being a one-off thing but continues as a tool for the victims who are suffering all alone," said Park Dae-woong (Material Science & Engineering).

The Me Too Movement gives a positive energy to make our society a better place.

Jeong Seung-In, reporter  samcandothat@naver.com

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