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Questions from Freshmen of 2018
  • By Kim Young-min, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2018.03.04 20:55
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Just like other new school terms, freshmen are throbbing to meet seniors and face a new campus environment. On Feb 22, orientation for freshmen was conducted. On this day, most of the freshmen participated and visited our campus in preparation for their new upcoming semester. In their hearts, cherry blossoms have been already blooming and those tickling feelings of theirs triggered numerous questions as well.

Q: What are the tips for us to enjoy our freshmen year?

First of all, freshmen were recently spending most of their time studying in their high school year to enter the university, so they might excel at sitting down, pen in hand for long hours, but they are lacking in various experiences. Campus life is much more focused on participation in lots of different activities such as clubs, volunteering, and other events held by departments that emphasize sociality as well as solidarity, rather than spending most of the time in books. Therefore, it is a wise decision to take part in most of the events. However, only enjoying one's freshmen year would bring huge harm to students. College students' priority should be academic tasks and subsidiary importance should be various experiences as freshmen. Thus, it is essential to find a decent bargaining point because spending too much time on socializing would lead to a waste of your freshmen year that comes only once in a lifetime.

Q: What is ‘OT’ and ‘MT’? What is the difference between those two events and what do we do there?

OT is an abbreviation for ‘Learning place for freshmen’ in Korean and MT is an abbreviation for ‘Membership training’. These two events are completely different and freshmen often tend to get them confused or think of them as one. Nevertheless, they are two different trips. Usually in our university, OT is a three-day trip and the date as well as numbers of MT depends on the heads of the departments. Moreover, OT is scheduled much earlier than MT which is during the week of the entrance ceremony and students go on MT in late March. The objectives of those two events are quite similar, both strongly emphasize making new friends and expanding personal connections. Before going on the two trips, students meet ahead of time to buy snacks and supplies that will be served with alcoholic beverages. Then when students arrive at the destination of the trip, a lot of recreational activities are prepared by the president of different colleges. Throughout the trips, students and student executives gain unforgettable memories. Therefore, do not miss out.

Q: What is the application called ‘Every time’? What is this application for?

‘Every time’ is a communication application for college students from over four-hundred different universities in Korea. Students can use this specific application after the certification process in order to confirm that they are affiliated members of a certain University. Currently, 234 million students are using this application. Due to its various functions, ‘Every time’ has been recognized as one of the most useful applications among college students. Out of the many functions, firstly, students are able to create their time tables directly on the application and record their tasks in case they might forget. This function could be surely convenient to all students in managing their academic life. Secondly, students can easily learn about their own campus news like cafeteria menus, major academic calendar, schedule for shuttle bus and information related to the library. Lastly, students can communicate with other students who belong to the same university anonymously. From this part, students often look for lecture evaluations that other students who had already taken the class uploaded before a new semester. Furthermore, all the questions above could be answered much more accurately and contently.

Besides those questions above, freshmen were curious about lots of other things as well, such as: How does it feel to go on a date with a boy or a girl in the same department? Are there any forceful actions taken by seniors in a drinking party? Is university study different from that of high school and is it hard to keep up with the others? These were the questions that mostly stimulated freshmen’s curiosity. Thus, if the answers weren’t enough, students can always use ‘Every time’ to ask others until they reach satisfactory.

By Kim Young-min, cub reporter

▲ The application logo of ‘Every time’.

By Kim Young-min, cub-reporter  dnl2874@naver.com

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