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Enhance your wonderful youth by making opportunities for employment
  • Kim Eun-hwa, reporter
  • 승인 2017.12.10 19:56
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Last September, The Campus Journal reported that Changwon University was operating the Changwon Youth Vision Center, a young people’s employment platform, with the entrustment of Changwon City. As we move into December, what is the Changwon Youth Vision Center doing for young people?

Since November 10th, the center has entered into a full-scale youth target business for young people living in Changwon City (ages 19 to 34).

Currently, the center is in the process of carrying out projects in the fields of support business for jobs, youth challenge activity, and youth community activity, as well as youth network construction business.

First, There are 3 projects in the field of job support. The first is the ‘Special Lecture by Practitioner’, held by a lecturer who is engaged in a specific job. The second is the ‘Youth Workplace’ which is free for 6 weeks and offers free sports taping, recreation, make-up and calligraphy classes for young people. The last is ‘Opening Business’ which recruits 5 young people who aim to create an actual start-up and supports the process through interview screening.

There are 2 project in the youth challenge activity support business. The first, ‘Youth sympathy talk concert’. motivates the courage of young people who are tired of their jobs, and are preparing opportunities to regain their hope. The other is ‘Challenge, Youth’ which supports challenging projects that young people wanted to do in various areas without limits. Moreover, it provides about 3 million won in support and provides space for meetings and exercises.

The youth community activity support business has 1 project, ‘Community Club’ that supports clubs in which more than 3 young people are active. Supporting young artists and job-seekers who are facing financial difficulties with 300,000 won and providing opportunities for young people to build networks.

There is one project in the youth network construction business. It is the activity of a public relations support team named ‘Neulpeum’. 16 young people were selected and are supported by this center. They notify the center through SNS or via their blog about their progress and they are producing content and building a local network.

Recently, apart from the field-based business, they also provide a free photo shoot for resumes to help people with their job search, to reduce young people’s burden of getting ID photographs.

The Changwon Youth Vision Center was established on July 31 to support the local community’s youth capacity and job support services under the support of Changwon City.

Kim Eun-hwa, reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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