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“How will you live your youth that only comes once?”
  • Lee Hun, reporter
  • 승인 2017.12.10 16:47
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Lecturer Choi Tae-Sung in the midst of an energetic lecture at the Changwon University Headquarters auditorium

On November 29th at the Changwon University Headquarters auditorium, there was a 2-hour long personality special lecture by Choi Tae Sung, a lecturer made famous by the TV show History Journal That Day which aired on KBS. This special lecture with the subject of ‘How will you live your youth that only comes once?’ was hosted by the Korea National Council on Social Welfare and overseen by Changwon University’s ACE+business group and Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Council on Social Welfare to make Changwon University students’ and local citizens’ lives more personality-friendly. This lecture, which was hosted to improve personal morality and personality through history, was attended by about 400 locals, Changwon University students and faculty.

The lecture started with an introduction of experiences before and after he started his teaching career. Lecturer Choi Tae Sung said that when his teaching career began 20 years ago, he had been pondering whether to accept a teaching position and teach students at a school that he was scouted by or become a lecturer to earn a high salary. Then he saw a documentary of Lee Hoe Yeong, an independence activist who said, “I answered with a life of sixty-six,” then subsequently ripped up his contract. He felt that he had to become a person who wasn’t ashamed of his past. Choi also talked about Jang Bo Go who is a commoner who appears in Korean, Chinese and Japanese history. He explained that he lacked confidence and dealt with an inferiority complex when he was younger and that if he had met Jang Bo Go at that time, he might have led a different life. This story of Jang Bo Go who crossed a turbulent sea (symbolic of our life) left a quiet imprint in the hearts of students who must face the world head-first.

By explaining about figures from history who have overcome hardships, he delivered 3 messages to the younger generation who are living in this era. Firstly, “If not, oh well” and try everything. Secondly, “Dream a verb not a noun” and dream something that is not a job (which is a noun), but a verb which positively affects the lives of those related to the job. Thirdly he requested attendees, “Don’t give up trying to achieve the goal that you have set.”

Woo Bong Suk, a 4th year student of the Department of Statistics who participated in the special lecture said, “I have become more interested in history after such a simple explanation of something that felt very difficult,” and, “I have become determined to live a life that I lead myself.” Lee Jeong Min a 4th year student of Early Childhood Education said, “Listening to his words about becoming the hope of someone, learning from the students and eventually becoming accepted by the students made me think of the children that I recently met on a foreign volunteering session and made me think that I also want to give hope to those students.” Finally, Shin Dong Su, the head of Changwon University’s ACE+business group said, “With the start of this special lecture, Changwon University will make an effort to make school education more personality-friendly and produce students who have the core necessities that society needs.”

Lee Hun, reporter  20160189@changwon.ac.kr

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