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Never forget E-masters
  • Park Seon-gyeong, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.12.10 15:27
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▲ E-masters on stage after a performance

There are various clubs in CWNU. Among them, you can think of E-masters as a popular club for students. E-Masters is the only dance club in which both men and women can participate. It was founded in 1998, and the club room is on the third floor of Bongrim Hall. Kim Ye-in, the leader of E-masters, is frequently mentioned on Facebook for her remarkable dance skills. We met her and listened to her story.

Q: Please introduce yourself briefly.

Kim: I’m Kim Ye-in (Department of Chinese Studies ‘16), the leader of E-masters. I started dancing when I was 14 years old. My dream was always to dance, but I stopped because of unexpected injuries. After I was in college, I had a lot of opportunities to go on stage, so naturally, I looked for a dance club on campus. Thankfully, I discovered E-masters. Actually, I tried to create a new dance club at first. However, the process was very complicated and it took about a year. A former leader of E-masters suggested to me that if you have passion, then you'll be asked to lead the club. So, I became the leader and started making improvements.

Q: How did you try to develop E-masters with its lack of popularity early on?

Kim: When I first joined E-masters, there were only two people. Most students didn’t know this club existed, so recruiting members was a priority. I found someone who was interested in dance and I asked them to join us. After growing it to 15 members, I focused on promoting E-masters, participating in big events such as LT and freshmen parties. And we created an editorial department in E-masters, created our logo and uploaded a promotional video on our Facebook page. Through this medium, we tried to get closer to students. Last, we started holding regular concerts every semester. I learned how to prepare everything by participating in other club performances. After all this effort, there are currently 35 members. While recruiting, many students showed great interest.

Q: It seems that there’s a strong bond among club members. Do you have any tips for that kind of friendship?

Kim: There are some things that I emphasize as the leader. First is the mood of being comfortable and free. We meet for practices often and naturally become familiar with each other. In particular, there is no tighter organization than family. I also considered participating in concerts that members wanted. That’s why there’s no harm in each member’s lives. Second, the club activities aren’t just to perform for people, but to enjoy oneself. There’s no territorial dispute between members, so I think everyone is genuinely attached to the club.

Q: What are the most fruitful or difficult parts of your activities?

Kim: When I first started doing regular concerts in the 2nd semester of 2016, we had lower audience attendance, but when we performed in the 1st semester of 2017, all seats in Bongrim auditorium sold out. I really thought we were doing well. We provided glow sticks for the audience. I was thrilled to see things shaking up. I’ve appreciated what we've been trying to do, and thank everyone very much. As for the hardest thing, that was that we didn't know what to do because we had no prior experience in a club. Thus, when I was preparing for a boy group dance, we didn’t have enough male members. I even prepared myself for 10 songs in order to cover for the shortage of men.

Q: I heard that you’re leaving E-masters, how do you feel about that?

Kim: I was chosen as an exchange student, so I’ll go to China next year. In fact, I was selected last semester, but I didn’t go because E-masters wasn’t yet settled down completely. Recently, members’ abilities improved a lot, so I decided to become an exchange student and I couldn’t postpone it any longer. I hope you’ll remember E-masters as much as I endeavored to make it stand out. And please come support us in our performances every semester. Thank you!

Park Seon-gyeong, cub-reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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