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Goodbye CWNU: last words from retiring professors
  • By Yeon-ju and Young-min
  • 승인 2017.12.11 12:36
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▲ Professor Noh Myeong-hyun, Shin Joong-ho and Lee Myeong-gyun

Next year, professors who have produced many significantly meaningful achievements in various fields are leaving CWNU. Because of their approximately 30 years in their teaching profession, their career could be referred to as a chronological history of CWNU. Therefore, we conducted interviews with Professor Noh Myeong-hyun and Lee Myeong-gyun from the Department of English Language & Literature, and Shin Joong-ho from the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering.

Q: What is your plan after retirement?

Professor Noh: Firstly, I want to go on as many trips as possible with my wife. Secondly, I’d love to read books that are related to my interests. For forty years, I've only read books that are related to my profession, so I got bit tired of these subjects. Lastly, I want to contribute myself to volunteer work.

Professor Shin: In October of 2012, I became the first professor to establish a company in our university. Its name is ‘Speed Tech’ and we manufacture mini wind power generators. Still in our Earth, about 1.3 billion people are beyond the reach of electricity. I, as a person who enjoys the present, want to grant them what they are in need of. Therefore, I invented the infrastructure to do so and will carry on my business after retirement.

Professor Lee: Since three years ago, I've been giving a lecture, British & American literature study in the city library. So I plan to continue that after my retirement. Moreover, I want to read Korean literature and history books rather than the dull and tedious books that are related to my major.

Q: Tell us about your most memorable moments while working as a professor.

Professor Noh: A student named Kim Dong-hwan, who's currently a professor in the Royal Naval College, still remains in my memory after a decade. He was a student who failed every single course of mine. Then he showed a strong desire to get A's in every retaken course and his endeavor helped his dream come true. From that moment, his passion in studying lit him up and he became a great professor in Korea.

Professor Shin: When I first stepped onto this campus in 1989, there wasn't much here to expect for the future. Back then, a facility half the size of building 51 with one lecture room was all we had. I told my students, “In 10 years we will provide you with an environment that you can feel confident about, so study with guts. In 1995, with 40 billion won in funding from the government, our dream was fulfilled. I played a role in this achievement for my students and that was my happiest moment.

Professor Lee: About 15 years ago, a senior student who applied to my General English class asked me to give credit towards graduation. I replied, “You have to pay the cost of law and rule, and paying that will help you to live a long life with the ability to reflect on mistakes." I wonder whether my advice at that time motivated a lifelong impulse or if it was a lifelong impediment to graduation.

Q: Tell us what qualities current students and the next freshmen of CWNU need to acquire during college.

Professor Noh: Enjoy the process. Most of life can be a process. If the process of achieving a goal like entering university or employment is painful, the accomplishment won't compensate for all the pains. Thus enjoy every part of your life.

Professor Shin: Now we should become future -oriented people. There is a markedly big difference between now and five years ago as there will be even more in the future. Therefore, rather than fitting oneself into the current situation, become someone who is ready to prepare for the future.

Professor Lee: I recommend to students to spend time wisely. Students should go to the library more often in their free time. Reading books in the library enlarges their point of view of learning, and having an attitude to learn is a good thing.

These words are from long term experiences as professors, so why don't we take the last precious advice that the professors have given us and use it in our daily life to mature ourselves?

By Yeon-ju and Young-min  rosielee@kakao.com

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