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CWNU students’ desired starting salaries
  • Jeong Seung-in, reporter
  • 승인 2017.12.09 22:14
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My name is Hah Jae-hee from the English Literature Department. I hope to have an annual salary of 18 million won. First of all, I think this is the minimum salary required for basic living. This money would be spent tightly on food, phone bills and to pay the rent. I also think that this salary would be worth my labor. I am a female cadet here in CWNU for the ROTC and I will serve my country as a soldier. I also realize that starting a job with 18 miliion won will be very tight, but eventually I will earn more and save money with my spouse. Even though it isn't a bad idea to get a job related to my major, the main reason I came to this university was to become an ROTC cadet. I have tried to develop my abilities and better equip myself as a soldier. I’ll continue to keep on working until I finally become a soldier. I am currently studying TOEIC, which I think is especially necessary for graduation.

I am Choi Kyung-rae, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. When someone goes out into society, it doesn't matter how much that person has studied in a field since they have to start as a beginner in a company at first. Because of that, I think it is difficult to expect a big salary. Therefore, I think 20 million won would be adequate considering welfare, work intensity, lack of previous work history and the recognition of my ability. In my mind, I also have a chance to be scouted if my skills are recognized by my employer. Therefore, I would like to look at various other factors rather than the starting salary. I don't think there are many permanent jobs anymore. I think to have a stable life, other conditions should be counted more, rather than the salary. I don't think that I am fully prepared yet since I am still a university student. It is difficult to get accepted by any companies with my current resume. After I find out what I truly want after graduating from university, I think I will be able to design my future and build up the specifications I need according to my dream.
I am Baek Chang-hwan from the Department of Global Business. I personally think that fulfilling one's dream is more important than money. I believe that money will naturally come to us if we fulfill that dream. I was taught to respect, greet and show kindness to people because it is the courtesy of the east. I would also like to introduce the world to beautiful scenery and food. I want a job in which I can make use of all these abilities. This is why I have decided to get a job as a flight crew member. Although the starting salary is average at about 28 million won, I think it is high and rewarding because of my self-realization. I think that money is less important than fulfilling your dream, but I think that one’s salary should be fair and reasonable for the type of labor.

I am Park Dae-woong of the New Materials Engineering Department. When I first came to this university, I studied hard with the aspiration that I could one day join a major company. I wanted to appeal to companies in that, since I was exempted from the military, I had more time to invest in my experience more than others. I studied my major, TOEIC, Korean history, and for a computer certification. However, considering the reputation and level of our university, I found out that it would be a little tough for me to be hired by any major companies. In addition, as Korea is suffering from the shipbuilding industry of China, New Materials Engineering has become a more difficult field to find a job in. Because of that, I decided to acknowledge the reality of my situation and to postpone my dream of entering a major company. After graduation, I think I can feel rewarded for my university life if I enter a midsize company and get 35 million won as a starting salary.

Jeong Seung-in, reporter  samcandothat@naver.com

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