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Field training is in the blind spot of education

There are several departments that have to undergo on-the-job training for specialized skills or certification. As an extension of education, what will students actually learn from field training outside of school? How are students treated in those fields? In this article, we will listen to stories about field practice and try to find improvements.

There are some majors that require mandatory on-site practice time. The period of practice is different for each department. The Department of Early Childhood Education should complete about 400 hours of practical training and the Department of Nursing Science requires more than 1000 hours of nursing practice per person.

When asked about the average practice time per day, most of the students were spending 9 hours working. Students majoring in Early Childhood Education and Nursing Science said that they often work more than 10 hours in the field. Many students work a lot more than 8 hours a day (legal working hours).

In addition to the work directly related to the contents of their field training, students spend most of their practical time carrying out various tasks that the job-site needs done which are normally done by regular employees. However, except for a handful of students in engineering departments, none of the students said that they received wages or actual expenses incurred during the practice (meals, transportation, etc.)

Nursing students usually work in a hospital and the hospitals ask students to take care of patients, even those with infectious diseases (without any advance information about the patients.) So they are easily exposed to various infectious diseases including tuberculosis. It threatens the safety of nursing students.

Practice is different from an internship. Practice should be carried out educationally with a clear purpose, and it should be clear that education is the main focus. Their experience shouldn’t be wasted carrying out the chores of the institution and they shouldn’t be taken advantage of. The school should have a clear understanding of the students’ rights to work and should provide thorough instructions to the facility and ensure the safety of the students.

By Sarah Park, reporter

Sarah Park  starcity2015@changwon.ac.kr

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