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Mountain path control and management problem
  • by Gwon Min-gwan, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.12.06 17:34
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▲Students use the mountain path after sunset

The mountain path to dormitory building 7 is restricted at sunset (20:00~08:00), but there is a safety problem because students disregard the rule and come and go as they please.

Almost all students in dorm 7 use the mountain path as a shortcut because the building is at the top of a steep pathway. It takes longer to get to the Department of Business Administration via the path through the dormitory pond than the shortcut takes.

However, the original purpose of this road was for freight trucks transporting building materials during construction of dormitory building 7 from 2013 to 2015. Many students started using this road because of its convenience after construction was completed. The students in that dorm judged that the mountain path was more dangerous than other roads because it’s a mostly lonely and deserted road, so CCTV, security alarms, and street lights were installed for security. The mountain path is always a potential hazard for accidents because water deers are often seen at night and it’s connected with the outer mountain road so outsiders can easily access it. Despite these facts, the university controls the mountain path and declares it closed at sunset (20:00 ~ 08:00) because this road is connected to other outer mountain trails and the risk of accidents is high. However, many students gain access by turning the iron gate which blocks off the road. Anonymous student said, "I have lived in dorm 7 for a year. It is scary when I come back alone at night, but I always use this road because it saves a lot of time." Kwak Mi-jung, the dormitory manager said in regards to this, “We tried to install a wall at the top of the mountain road, but when we installed an additional wall, it was expected that it would become even more dangerous because students who climbed up the mountain path might climb over the wall. So we decided to keep it.”

Most of the students who use the mountain path are aware that it’s dangerous at night, but they do it anyway because they care more about getting to their dorm quickly and conveniently. The university dormitory is aware of the risks but don’t have total control over the road and students who know that it’s dangerous just don’t obey the regulation time. Don’t both of them see the potential risk caused by neglecting safety?

by Gwon Min-gwan, cub-reporter  1zstarz1@naver.com

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