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Man dressed as woman broke into women’s dorm, school’s action unsatisfactory
  • Choi Ga-yun, reporter
  • 승인 2017.11.21 18:29
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Around 3 am on November 5th, there was an unsavory incident in Dormitory 3 here at CWNU. A man who dressed up as a woman trespassed in the women’s dorm with brute force. While the doors were locked with security system magnets, he applied great pressure to force them open. All the doors are constructed so that people can open them by constant force in case of an emergency situation.

Fortunately, CAPS workers saw the culprit though CCTV and took action immediately. Kim Hong-il who was dispatched at the time said, “Recently, there was a person who peeped in a dormitory at dawn, so we suspiciously observed him. By the way, this person forcibly opened the doors of Dormitory 3 and the alarm sounded so we were able to respond instantly. After we got there, this man tried to walk away calmly and then started to run when we talked to him,” and he added that if the response time was delayed a little, it would have possibly been a much worse situation. Quick judgment and careful observation of CAPS made it possible to resolve the incident without much damage.

The criminal has been identified as a CWNU student and it caused great shock to students. When he was first discovered, he was wearing a skirt and women’s underwear in the third floor corridor and was drunk. Although the motive for his crime is unknown, he had carefully dressed as woman and strode to the third floor of the dormitory. The man is being investigated by police because he has acted like this not only in Dormitory 3, but also in residential areas around CWNU.

An anonymous student who actually witnessed this man said, “At dawn, there was a noise outside. When I went outside, CAPS workers were chasing someone who ran down the central stairs of the dorm. After this incident happened, I was very frightened of all small noises and I was more nervous because there was no notice from the dormitory regarding this incident.”

However, despite students’ feelings of anxiety, the dormitory hasn’t offered concrete alternatives to strengthening the security system. When the investigation ends, the school will announce the results officially, so they notified people to wait until the investigation is finished. In the meantime, students’ anxiety will be amplified, so the dormitory’s clear response will be necessary before the investigation ends.

Choi Ga-yun, reporter  rkxnsl@naver.com

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