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Samsung & Apple: big responsibility for the near future
  • Jeong Seung-in, reporter
  • 승인 2017.11.12 21:47
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For years, Apple and Samsung have been competing with each other in the smartphone industry. The two companies are known worldwide for their spectacular products such as tablet PC’s and smartphones. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak laid the foundation for Apple Computers Inc. to sell personal computer kits on April 1, 1976. The company now boasts 317 retail locations in over 10 different countries making it one of the largest and most profitable technology companies in the world. Apple was formerly a computer company for almost 3 decades with its Macintosh computers. These days, Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs devices including smartphones, software, servers and computers. Apple’s history started in the garage of two exceptional people who tried to build computers which turned out to revolutionize the electronics industry. Their prime products have been the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac. Apple products are known for their strength in quality and for marketing. Users of Apple are enthusiastic and loyal, often purchasing their various products across the line even though the prices are rather high compared to similar devices. It’s common to see crowds of people waiting in line in front of an Apple store to buy their products the day they are released. In the future, Apple is going to keep on developing their Face ID technology which is a distinctive security identification system. Their Face ID was always an idea that Apple has pursued in order to actualize their single user concept.

Samsung Electronics was founded 7 years before Apple in Suwon, South Korea. Samsung used to sell products such as air conditioners, refrigerators and televisions, but these days produces electronic devices such as digital cameras, computers and Galaxy smartphones. Samsung electronics made a name for itself in 2007 when they first made their $100 billion mark in annual sales, making them the second largest electronics company in the world. It was only a year later when Samsung became the number one brand. Compared to Apple, Samsung’s products have reasonable prices considering their functions, technology and benefits. Samsung’s vision towards the future is inspired by its creativity in its technology by delivering innovative products to businesses all over the world such as biotechnology and healthcare. Samsung is planning to place their brand in the global top 5 while achieving annual sales of $400 billion. In the future, Samsung smartphones will have scanners which will be able to monitor heart rate, blood flow velocity and pulse rate by having an Advanced Laser Speckle Interferometric sensor. It is capable of scanning the skin of a user’s palm which will collect health-related data. Furthermore, holograms are coming soon to Samsung smartphones. 3D video images will be shown above the smartphones’ screens,

Moreover, these two largest companies have been accusing each other for over 30 years regarding patents. In most of their cases, Apple was the accuser claiming Samsung to be copying their products. Apple first sued Samsung for infringing on their design and three utility patents. However, Samsung fought back suggesting that having a rectangular shape can’t be monopolized. The jury found Samsung guilty for copying the design in icons, zooming features and tapping to enlarge images in a case in which Apple was awarded $1.049 billion in damages for 6 of the 7 disputed patents.

Recently, Samsung released its flagship model, ‘Galaxy Note 8’ and Apple, its ‘iPhone X’. Both products are highly anticipated throughout the world.

Samsung and Apple are the two largest electronics companies in the world

Jeong Seung-in, reporter  samcandothat@naver.com

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