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The heated debate contest of four universities held at Changwon University
  • By Lee Hun, reporter
  • 승인 2017.11.12 21:48
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The winning team, 180’s speaker engaging in the heated debate

On November 3, while the entire campus felt somewhat cold and empty after students left by twos and threes following the end of the exam period, NH Hall in the College of Liberal Arts was full of heat. That's where the 2017 ACE+ joint debate took place. Notably, this was a debate jointly held by multiple universities where students from Changwon University, Daegu Catholic University, Busan ​​University of Foreign Studies, and Handong University gathered together and competed against each other.

In this contest, two teams per school participated and the topic for the semi-final was "Fourth Industrial Revolution, is it a crisis or an opportunity?” and the topic for the final round was “Should we continue operating nuclear power plants?” In order to win the debate, not only was it important for the contestants to thoroughly prepare the contents of his or her argument, but the key to winning was to adhere to the appropriate allocation of speaking time for each subject. The importance of such time allocation skill was clearly witnessed during the final debate between Changwon University’s ‘180’ team and Daegu Catholic University’s ‘Gbate’ team. Although it was hard to judge which team did a better job regarding the contents of its argument, the 180 team outdid its opponent in terms of speaking time allocation, which led Changwon University to demonstrate its excellence as the final winner of the debate. Also, apart from the team award, the speaker award, which was given to the student who participated the most enthusiastically in the debate, was won by Chan-jin Kwak from Handong University.

The response of those related to this project was also very heated. "Everyone did an excellent job and was well-prepared for the flexibility and preparation of the debate,” said Jae-won Joo, a professor at Handong University who participated as a judge. "Two things that impressed me the most are that first, the students from various schools demonstrated such a high standard and secondly, everyone is so attentive to the debate that no one fell in sleep during the three-hour event.” said Dong-soo Shin, a director of the ACE+ project team. We would like to congratulate the successful execution of this debate contest and look forward to seeing more opportunities for students from the local community to get together and grow into great talent.

By Lee Hun, reporter  20160189@changwon.ac.kr

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