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Fall in love with the freedom of swing dance
  • Kim Eun-hwa, reporter
  • 승인 2017.10.30 12:30
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Do you know where you can dance as much as you likes in front of our school? Aside from being an excellent cafe, there is a perfect spot to reduce stress, ‘Swing Latte.’

Q. Hello, please introduce yourself and your place

KIM : Hi. I’m the 2nd owner of Swing Latte where people can dance all they like. This space has been open since December, 2013 and I’ve been working there for 5 years. I’ve known swing dance since 2010 and I used to have to go to Busan because Changwon didn’t have a swing dance room. I love dancing but visiting another location was too hard for me. So I wanted to make a swing dance room for people like myself. Radically, this space was a café, but now we utilize it as a dance place..

Q. What is ‘Swing dance’ ?

KIM : It’s a style of dancing with a partner to jazz music. You can dance with strangers and acquaintances. A great thing about swing dance is that you can freely to music and express yourself. In addition, swing dance doesn’t have a particular mold such as moving your body more powerfully, nor do you have to move your feet very fast. So regardless of one’s music ability, everyone can enjoy this genre very easily. Moreover, since this dance is a couple’s dance, it can become a way to meet new friends and the opposite sex. Therefore, your eyes and your ears will be pleased. Moreover, many people think the jazz is cheesy but swing jazz isn’t because you can dance to diverse tempos. My management philosophy is ‘Enjoy’ and when I see myself and people swing dancing, I feel my philosophy is realized perfectly. Swing dance is very fun!

Q. I want to know how you manage your swing dance club.

KIM : We recruit new people every six weeks after lessons for six weeks, people become a dancers who really enjoy it and they can dance freely with any partner. You can join this club by searching our club and it’s only 30,000won for students and 40,000won for adults. Regular meetings are on Wednesdays for 6,000won and Saturday for 9,000won. Sometimes, couples visit here to share their hobby and foreigners come here, too. Currently, we’re having our 20th recruitment and we perform to promote our dance studio and have parties and go on trips together. We will recruit the next class until December 2nd.

Q. When is the most rewarding time for you?

KIM : The most rewarding moment is when I see people dancing very happily. At first, they are very awkward, but they become one through dance. Another moment is when club members marry each other. They fall in love while dancing, as I did. I met my wife through swing dance.

Q. Do you have some comments for the readers?

KIM : Please come out and learn this dance soon. Because young people have good physical strength, they have longer endurance to dance compared with older people. Furthermore, young people learn the motions very quickly, so you can have a better skill and potential to meet a partner. I highly recommend this dance if you want a new hobby or need to make friends. I started this dance as a hobby and I’m very happy because of it. Please visit Swing Latte! Thank you.

Club members dancing and enjoying the Halloween party
Swing Latte Halloween party and cute make-up

Kim Eun-hwa, reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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