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New recruitment offers renewed hope for CWNU students
  • by Gwon Min-gwan, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.10.30 12:31
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▲Successful candidates of Bravo Audition (Yoon: 3rd from the left, graduate of CWNU)

On September 26th, the Bravo Audition was held at Changwon Convention Center (CECO). It was a new recruitment method through interviews. This audition was planned to help solve the youth unemployment problem. Central Inc. and Deagun Tech Inc., prospective firms, participated in the career day. They were originally scheduled to hire 4 applicants but they hired 5 because there were many outstanding candidates. 3 of the 5 successful applicants are students at CWNU. Yoon Dae-gyung (Control and Measurement Engineering) was one of them and The Campus Journal met with him to talk about his experience.

Q: CWNU students may not be familiar with Bravo Audition, what is it?

Yoon: Bravo Audition started this year for students’ job recruitment. Gyeongnam made a new way for recruitment with companies. Only students in Gyeongnam can apply for this audition which has a different method than we are used to. The method of progress is an audition format through presentation and interview. This audition is a new policy for youths. If you pass the audition, you are immediately recruited on the spot.

Q: What caused you to apply to the audition?

Yoon: I applied because I could join Central Inc., a good automotive parts enterprise. I’m interested in this kind of company and production quality control.

Q: 3 of 5 successful applicants are CWNU students. What do you think of the competitiveness of CWNU?

Yoon: I think that students who are hard-working are given a great opportunity to grow in CWNU. I have done the International Internship and World Explorer Program through CWNU. All the experiences made me stronger. I was in an auto part company in Germany during the internship, so I developed my understanding about the industry and job. I also had consultations with my teacher, Sim Jae-young about recruitment at general human resource development center. The teacher supported me from setting up career counselling to giving feedback about my letter of self-introduction and interview. The teacher was a great help to me.

Q: How did you prepare for the audition?

Yoon: I prepared for the interviews constantly. In early September, I passed the screening phase and after five days I had my first round of interviews. I had 10 days to prepare for the second round, so I made a presentation that was about survival strategy of auto parts companies getting ready for electric and autonomous vehicles, and car sharing. In the interview, I felt comfortable and showed my ability because I had prepared for it through counselling and study groups. When I had my second round of interviews, I quickly investigated some material because I’m quite interested in auto parts. I caught the interviewers’ attention in that presentation and prepared for the second round of interviews. I think the presentation was suggestive of the direction of Central Inc.

Although I majored in Control and Measurement Engineering, I’m interested in production quality control, so I received a certification in that. When I did the International Internship for production quality control in the auto part company, I was studying English by watching American TV series. In conclusion, steadily studying what I wanted to do has been greatly successful for me.

Q: Do you have anything else to say to the readers or juniors?

Yoon: When you prepare for finding a job, first you should find what you want to do. Of course it is important to get certifications, but I think you should have an internship or office experience. Lastly, you should study English consistently. These days many companies want employees who are good at speaking English. I hope you will prepare yourself for the best result. Thank you.

by Gwon Min-gwan, cub-reporter  1zstarz1@naver.com

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