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Students complaints about poor dormitory accommodations

Student’s welfare is closely related to the dormitory where they live. CWNU dorms accommodate about 2,416 students. However, students living in dorms are experiencing difficulties due to the deterioration of the buildings and the delayed repairs. I listened to students' complaints about each building and also heard the dormitory administration’s position on it. This article is mainly focused on the old facilities and especially, buildings No1, 2, 3, and 4.

Dormitory No.1,2,3

These three buildings are the oldest dorms in our university so the aging of the buildings is the most serious problem. The shower rooms and the communal lavatories are old and some of the facilities are in disrepair. Some time ago, one of the bunk beds in a dorm room fell down. Fortunately, no one was injured, but more occurrences have the potential to be a huge accident. It is urgent to check the overall facilities thoroughly to prevent harm. In addition, many places are not cleaned or managed at all. There is a self-study room in the 3rd building which is filled with dust and is practically unusable. It is also a major inconvenience that there is no break room in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd buildings.

Dormitory No.4

Students have difficulties in Building 4 because they don’t have basic conveniences such as a microwave oven, although they do have a break room. Dormitory students usually rely on outside restaurants, the cafeteria or convenience stores for every meal. Buying each meal is a huge burden on students who expect microwave ovens to be available in the dormitory so they can save some money on food.

Dormitory No.5,6,7

These buildings are BTL (Build Transfer Lease) facilities and are managed by external enterprises. These buildings are individualized facilities, so students mainly ask for replacements of lights or security lock problems.

The administration answered students' complaints through an interview. They said that dormitories No.1,2 and 3 have been partially remodeled due to aging. Especially, the 2nd and 3rd building’s shower rooms were remodeled about four years ago. A dormitory manager, Kwak Mi-jeong said that they are planning to start massive building work later this year. “We’re currently applying to The Education Ministry for budget approval to remodel the first building (Dormitory No.1) and we can announce the plan at the end of this year. This rebuilding will follow the BTL system, so an outside company will take over the construction.” Regarding the question about the installation of microwave ovens in the 4th building, they said they were reluctant to install them because there was a fire in the past in that building. But the official said, “To install a microwave oven is not just a simple task, but we will review it positively. We are considering strengthening CCTV.” Regarding the unclean and unmanaged study room, the manager promised to act on that immediately.

By Sarah Park, reporter

An old Facility in the dormitory shower room

Sarah Park  starcity2015@changwon.ac.kr

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