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Looking at professors with familiarity
  • Park Seon-Gyeong, cub reporter
  • 승인 2017.09.22 12:37
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▲Professor Hong Hyeon-wook conversing with graduate students

Changwon National University has tried to get a grasp on learners’ satisfaction and demands for improving the quality of college education. Based on their estimate, the best lecturers were selected in the department and the grand prize was given to 3 professors last semester. This year’s grand prize was awarded to a professor who has now won four times in total. We sat down with Professor Hong Hyeon-wook, one of the winning professors.

Q: Nice to meet you. Please introduce yourself.

A: Hello, I’m Hong Hyeon-wook, professor of the Department of New Materials Engineering in the College of Mechatronics since 2012. I’m currently teaching undergraduate and graduate classes. An Introduction to Mechatronics Material is the lecture for which I received this award. It is a comprehensive class which is required for our major’s freshmen. All CWNU professors are dedicated to education, so I was lucky to be given this prize.

Q: What is the power that satisfies most students in the class?

A: I think that the base educational philosophy is “All knowledge must easily be delivered.” To explain the notion step by step, I think that students can easily understand it. Professors shouldn't just teach them uniformly, but rather angle towards learners’ levels. Not only the delivery of knowledge but also sharing the notion and discussing with students, that is the effect on which our knowledge was built. The notion of teaching students is not created only by professors. We talk about things together. I’m trying to do that all the time, so I guess students follow me well.

Q: When was your most joyful or hard moment as a professor?

A: Naturally, students have the greatest effect on me because I’m a professor. There are difficult notions in students’ minds. I adapted another way to teach. When I apply it, students show me their response and expression to convey their understanding. Then I get a thrill as if I made a breakthrough with them. My gladdest moment is when students get the result of their effort such as getting the job they wanted. If students don’t follow me after my hard effort, it’s hard for me. Because of the College of Engineering characteristics, it is that student education is in parallel with experimental research. Plus, the university industry cooperation and voluntary services are ongoing. Lecture preparation is also essential and I sometimes feel that I lack enough time. I realize that students perceive professors as being too large and distant, even though you communicated freely with your teacher when you were in high school. Professors are humans, the same as students. I hope that students will approach me comfortably. I’m also trying to break down the walls between students and professors!

Q: What kind of professor do you want to be in the future?

A: I’m currently faithful to my job. And I want to move up more here. As time goes by, I will take another role. I want to create a community with more interaction from students. Let them feel that the knowledge they learned in college is useful for working in the local community.

Q: Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

A: First, I hope that your class is interactive, not one-way. For this, it is important that students participate in class. Be more active because your voluntary participation such as asking questions can influence the professor’s energy and raises enthusiasm more and more. Also, I have thought that students regard communication with professors with difficulty. You will face confusion because you are making your own choices for the first time in your life. Professors already went through worry and experience, the same as you. Don’t think hard about the professor and instead, talk to them often when you have a difficult moment. We will welcome you with open arms.

By Park Seon-Gyeong, cub-reporter

Park Seon-Gyeong, cub reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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