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A blogger at our own CWNU with over a million views
  • Choi Ga-Yun, reporter
  • 승인 2017.09.12 12:55
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Almost everyone may have made a blog. There are many people who run blogs, but there are few who steadily keep up with them. Here is a student who has been running a blog with her own story for three years. Today, we will tell you about how a regular student has raised her own value through blogging.

Q. Nice to meet you. Please tell us about yourself and your blog.

Jung: Hello. I’m Jung Hyeon Jin and I’m 20 years old and majoring in mass communication. I’ve been running Naver blog ‘Flying gaebul’ since 2014. It contains my overall story including college and daily life, etc. I came across blogging by chance. I was searching blogs for information and I found a lot of study blogs. People seemed filled with passion and I was greatly impressed by them so I began to write my own. At first, it was a simple curiosity. But the more I blogged steadily, I felt more interested and I realized that I was studying more efficiently. I mostly uploaded content that I’d studied that day, my method of organizing notes and study planner, etc. I kept up a study blog like this until 2016 and I expanded to categories including daily life, photography, calligraphy and manufacturing goods, etc. after I took the College Scholastic Ability Test.

Q. I heard that the number of blog visitors is 1.3 million. What’s unique about your blog compared to others?

Jung: I think spending ample time during posting is my special characteristic. I usually carefully consider about things like title, font color and size when I post. Although it takes a lot of time, it makes for good text. Readers find it easy to read my posts and if readers react well, I feel proud. Naver blog is the space that all ages of people can get information so I thought I should show my story easily. When I posted the method of organizing notes, I posted detailed photos. One publishing company found my posting interesting and they suggested for me to publish a book. It was a collaboration between five bloggers. The book explained my own tips like my study method, method of preparation for mock tests and transcripts of school records in detail. It was a great experience.

Q. Do you have a hard thing running a blog?

Jung: I spend a lot of time composing one post. When I write long text, I consider photos and words for one hour. So when I’m really busy, I can’t tend to the blog and have to neglect it. Running a blog is nice, but in a busy life, sometimes I feel it is a lot of work. At those times, I’m really stressed. Obviously, I started it because I like it, but If I feel it is work, it can be tiring. However, I’m really glad to see the comments or responses when I post because it means many people saw my text and I can communicate with readers. I think it is the reason that I continue blogging!

Q. I heard that you appeared in the TV program ‘Royal road of study’, what contents of your blog were featured?

Jung: I showed my method of organizing social studies notes. The director saw my blog and contacted me. I hesitated before shooting because I’m not doing well in studies. I wondered how I would appear in this program. I doubted that the likes of me could appear in a program like this, but I thought I’d like to introduce my own method of studying and I want to help people who are suffering from difficulties in learning social studies so I gave it a shot and I introduced my study method. Furthermore, I selected one mentee who had difficulties in studying and I became a mentor and helped her study.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Jung: I was able to have a lot of experience by starting a blog. I was able to write a book and be on featured in a TV program. These were stories that I didn't even dream of before starting a blog. There are many people living in the world who don’t know the potential and talent they have. It exists in somebody’s mind, but people can’t express it. I want people make something that can show their talent and own story even if it’s not a blog. It will lead to many opportunities and experiences ahead!

Jung Hyeon Jin, holding her published book

Choi Ga-Yun, reporter  rkxnsl@naver.com

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