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Changwon National University is at the center of special education in Nepal
  • Park Seon-Gyeong, cub reporter
  • 승인 2017.09.12 12:05
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Seminar for the founding of Masterplan

CWNU was the only chosen school among national public universities as the leader of international cooperation and supporting business by the Ministry of Education. Currently, ODA (Official Development Assistance) for Nepal is ongoing. This business is to aid community development programs and for constructing much needed departments in an underdeveloped country by making the best use of resources and capacity of a public university. Nepal has some of the most deficient facilities and policies for disabled people in the world. Therefore, CWNU supports the business of special education in Nepal, which has deep significance in and of itself. Since the introduction of this support, the scale for support in Nepal has expanded from kindergarten to high school through contact with the Ministry of Education in Nepal. On August 21, CWNU stated that it will aid a medium to long-term development plan by creating the Department of Special Education and Graduate School in Tribhuvan, the best public university in the country. There is a concrete plan that aims to raise Nepal’s current special educational standards to meet the international level by training special teachers and specialists and arranging them and establishing special schools. A task force which includes the ministry of Education in Nepal and Tribhuvan University has begun studying the rules of revision related to the first special teacher qualification system. A Nepali international student on the Department of Special Education doctorate course at CWNU has conducted major lectures in Tribhuvan. He shows the outcome of business with visibility. In this vein, Vaikunda, the director of the ministry of education in Nepal said that he greatly appreciates the Korean Ministry of Education and the business unit of CWNU that is completely supporting the establishment of Masterplan, the project which aims to develop middle and long-term plans for Nepal’s special education beyond just creating expert in this field. Since the establishment of the project, he has been constructing a plan for a more powerful service of education by preparing laws regarding this. Also, Jeong Dae-yeong, head of the business unit of CWNU said that the Department of Special Education in Tribhuvan University was constructed successfully, so he foresees a growing need for special teachers and sets consisting of developed follow-up policies. He said that Korea is the only country to become a donor country after itself being recently a recipient country. He will continue to contribute to the development of Nepal’s special education for Korea’s status in the ODA which is not merely a one-time deal.

By Park Seon-Gyeong, cub- reporter.

Park Seon-Gyeong, cub reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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