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Prospects for the National University of Education diminishing
  • Kim Eun-hwa, reporter
  • 승인 2017.09.12 11:54
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Education Office in cities and provinces throughout the country will reduce the number of accepted applicants for the teacher employment examination and recruitment testing is in chaos.

According to the results of ‘The advance notice of teacher certification examination in 2018’, that the Education Office presented on August 3, just over 9,000 people will be selected next year and there will be no curriculum teachers such as nursing, nutrition, and librarian teachers, including elementary and middle school teachers. No curriculum teacher will be added and there will only be between 108 and 537 applicants accepted.

This change is in comparison to the 3,321 people who selected as elementary school teachers in this year which is a decrease of 2,651 people from last year. Because of this, many locals are faced with difficult condition that they need to reduce new teachers from possibly dozens to as many as several hundred.

The area most affected is Seoul where elementary teachers have been reduced to only to 105 new teachers next year which is an eighth of this year’s numbers.

Due to the reduction of selection in the capital area, the National University of Education has fallen into confusion. Considering how many graduates besides those from Seoul National University of Education apply to become elementary school teachers in the capital city, this problem is even more serious. So student protests continue to take place because many of them won’t even be able to pass the examination despite graduating from the program

The National University of Education students argued, “It is the same thing as if someone graduates from a police university but can’t become a police officer or if someone graduates military academy but can’t be a soldier” and “If we can’t be teachers, 4 years of study for dream have been useless.” Furthermore, they emphasized that the country is in need of normalization of the system and a reduction of students in each class

It is not only an issue in Seoul. Among the 17 cities and provinces in the country, only Ulsan, Gangwon and Jeonnam have increased selection. In the case of KyungKi-do, recruitment has halved, and Jeonbuk and Incheon have decreased by one-third. Moreover, Sejong City selected only 30 people this year in contrast to 198 last year. Gyeongnam and Gyeongbuk have diminished by over 100 people

The teacher certification examination selection has been cut in most of cities and the influence on entrance examination is concerning. One person in the educational field said “Many people point out that we have to modify a volume of recruitment from the 2019 plan” and, “If this system doesn’t stop, there will be a serious imbalance.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has given a theoretical opinion and said, “We want to announce an increase in the number of teachers, but it is not a simple matter and it is difficult to act independently without the relevant authorities.”

Many students are protesting against the new policy

Kim Eun-hwa, reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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