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Do you know local talent selection?
  • Park Seon-Gyeong cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.06.09 02:18
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The secretary-general of CWNU and the four students who passed the final

On May 15TH, Changwon National University announced that it has managed to produce four successful candidates in the “2017 Grade 7 civil servant trainee examination for Local talents”. The final candidates are Lee Dong-gyeong (Business Administration ’12), Kim Bo-ram (English Language and Literature ’07), in the administrative field, Park Jung-won (Information and Communication Engineering ’11) and Sung Ji-yoon (Department of industry engineering ’07) in the technology field. Including the 4 students from CWNU, the final successful candidates are 120 in total. The employment of talented locals has been going on since 2005 with an aim of diversifying recruitment paths and strengthening the regional representativeness of the government service by equally selecting them from the 17 cities and provinces. The Ministry of Personnel Management (MPM), which manages the system, said that people who became public officials through this system are highly evaluated in the public by showing their sincerity and abilities. MPM will also do their best to increase the capacity of the government by enhancing the diversity of the public office. In particular, the largest number of people were selected this year. The qualification for the examination needs certain requirements such as ranking within the top 10 percent in their department, scoring more than 700 points on TOEIC and obtaining a state certificate of level 2 or higher attesting to their knowledge of Korean history and to pass the recommendation of president and the final interview. In 2018, they will enter the National Human Resources Development Institute and complete basic education for 4 weeks to adjust to the public office and improve their job skills. They will be employed as regular civil servants after training at a central administrative institution. "Providing the cost for textbooks, interview and mentoring program has given a positive effect on this result," said the CWNU official. He also announced plans about providing enough financial support so that they can go out into the world as skilled professional.

By Park Seon-Gyeong, cub- reporter.

Park Seon-Gyeong cub-reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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