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Evaluation of the 33rd student council ‘Dream’ in the first semester

Student Support

‘Snack Events’ during examination periods are the most well-known student support project. The 33rd student council also conducted events during the midterm exam period. What was different from the previous student council was that it provided an affordable but well-made breakfast for students who could not have breakfast in the early morning, from April 17th to April 28th, for two weeks. They served rice and bean sprouts soup or beef and rice soup for 1,000 won. They didn’t take the easy way; if they had looked for a simple way, they could have chosen bread or instant foods for students, but they showed great consideration in preparing hot meals in the morning.

There was also a project to consider sanitation workers who help students invisibly. In the last week of February before the start of the first semester, the student council had a meal together with the sanitary workers. It was a remarkable point that they did not limit the members to the students but rather, they listened to the school cleaners and tried to solve their grievances. After the meeting, they posted improvements based on the meeting on Facebook to get students’ engagement.

Since last year, CWNU student councils have continued to open the textbook market to reduce the students' financial burden for purchasing expensive textbooks. The Dream council also held textbook flea markets for students on a budget last March. Dream also prepared to gather opinions of students by creating a space called the "CWNU Complaint Zero Zone" in the CWNU official application. However, it is a critical point that the application penetration rate is very low compared to the application development.

Various activities

Dream pledged to hold an E-sports contest this year. Is it actually implemented? On May 26th, the E-sports contest was held on campus. Through a semifinal game on May 30th, there was a playoff game on June 1st. There was Overwatch, League of Legends and StarCraft in the event. For those students who couldn’t watch in person, they had arranged to show the progress of the matches in real time through Africa TV.

In May, Dream signed an agreement with the NC Dinos to prepare for events on campus and provided baseball tickets at an affordable price, providing students with a variety of activities.

The three-day cherry blossom festival in April was also successful. During the festival, there was a cherry blossom photo gallery, philosophy hall, heart drugstore, cherry blossom festival celebration and busking, and various other programs were held. The student council tried hard to carry out all the scheduled programs, although the event might have been canceled due to rain. This was well received, not only by students, but also by local residents and I was able to hear the wishes of local residents like, “I would like to have such an event next year.”

The activities of Dream were not significantly different from those of the previous student councils. However, I was able to see that the projects were a bit more thoughtful and developed. Over time, it will be possible to know what role the 33rd Student Council did. The 33rd student council Dream was launched with the phrase, “Be your strength!” We should pay attention to whether they will be able to be the students’ strength for the rest of the term.

By Sarah Park, reporter

"2017 CWNU Cherry blossom festival"

Sarah Park  starcity2015@changwon.ac.kr

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