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The 19th President of the Republic of Korea
  • By Gwon Min-Gwan, cub-reporter
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On May 9, Korea held a presidential election. It was an early election due to Park Geun-hye’s impeachment. So Moon Jae-in became president as soon as the end of the vote count at 8:06 a.m. President Moon gave an inauguration speech conveying a strong will to change the Republic of Korea. He had to be appointed president immediately without much time to compose himself. But the new government was positively evaluated in its first week. He started with a unique style which is being well received.

'The inauguration of the new and different government'

Former presidents took a rest and focused on choosing their own people after being appointed. However, President Moon pushed a new policy and is trying to implement his campaign promises from day one. There were 5 duty orders. 3 of the orders were the normalization of government administration. It was about discarding government-published textbooks with the right tendency by Park Geun-hye's government. And he made an order regarding the two temporary teachers who died on the job in the April 16 ferry disaster.

Also, President Moon tried to normalize diplomatic relations that were stopped during the 6 month impeachment of Ms. Park. He started to talk to each country’s president and sent envoys to major advanced countries.

Furthermore, President Moon started a reform of prosecution. Because prosecution is a special, strong organization, it was difficult to reform. The purpose of this reform leads to being faithful to prosecution's role. Prosecution needs to share privileges. The former prosecution couldn't prevent corruption in the Blue House and among the president’s aides. So the new government must respect the prosecution's rights, but prevent abuse of power.

President Moon announced the appointment of a prime minister and the chief president secretary himself. And he explained the reason and the background about why he selected them. This is a rare case that the president announces a personal appointment. These human resources affairs received attention because President Moon selected his own critics as well his own supporters.

'Get out of authority' and 'Sensitive communication'

What are the big differences started by the appointment of our new president? That is ‘sensitive communication’. When he was first in attendance at The Blue House, he took selfies with citizens. Besides, when he came out of his home, many neighbors shouted 'Moon Jae-in'. President Moon got out of the car and then expressed his thanks to them without constraint. He also had meals and drank coffee with his aides while walking in the garden.

Last May 15, while one elementary student was trying to find a pencil and paper to get tje president's autograph, President Moon crouched and smiled next to the student until the child found a pen and paper. That scene was posted on a major Internet portal site. A number of comments were about 'tearing up'. This event shows us that many people want a president who is humane. Many people were moved by this scene because our previous president didn't communicate with people well.

'Reducing micro-dust will be a priority'

Previous governments focused on economic development rather than environmental protection, so there were not many eco-friendly policies. However, President Moon has made environmental-friendly pledges that he plans to start eliminating micro-dust. Public enterprises are trying to stop the deterioration of coal power plants due to adapting new environmental policy. And President Moon ordered performance improvements and reinforcement of operating coal power plants. It is supposed to invest in coal power plants about environment equipment in Choong-Nam that concentrated coal power plant. It is a revolutionary plan to break away from coal and nuclear energy. President Moon will not construct new nuclear power plants and will order stops to operating several nuclear power plants. He will make up a deficiency of nuclear energy to use renewable energy and LNG. However, electric fee problems still exists. Most people agree with the abolition of nuclear power plants, but they have conflicting opinions about the increase of electric bills. Nevertheless this revolutionary plan will be a meaningful charge for everyone. Also, this is a good chance for changing the distortion of electric fee problems. The new government should keep these points in mind.

'Only a surprise announcement that can't become a fundamental solution'

There is critical view of the new president. Kim Dong-cheol, floor leader of the opposition Grand National Party said, "It is just a surprise announcement about eliminating micro-dust, reforming prosecution and using renewable energy etc. These can't become fundamental solutions." Besides that he said, "We didn't yet inquire into the cause of micro-dust. Stopping nuclear power plants is the wrong way about it because we don't know what's incriminating. We still doubt the effect of preventing nuclear power generation and coal-fired thermal power. Preferentially, we should find what is the cause. That is the basic way to solve the problem." The new government should prepare well and start that plan.

'All people are watchdogs'

By and large, most people have a good opinion of President Moon because he is trying to shift in policy to communicate with people and to show us an open-minded, open-armed president. Of course, some people think these challenges that received criticism can't be fundamental solutions like Kim Dong-cheol. It is we citizens who impeached the former president. It's also we who elected President Moon. There should be compliments if he does something beneficial for Korea and critics if he does something wrong. We should be the audit.

▲ The 19th President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Jae-in

By Gwon Min-Gwan, cub-reporter  1zstarz1@naver.com

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