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Some special days in May
  • by Gwon Min-Gwan, cub-reporter
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May 1st Labor Day (May Day)

The day called Labor Day is a day of honoring American laborers who resisted police repression and succeeded to get an eight-hour work day system on May 11th, 1886. The International Working Men's Association first opened on May Day, May 1st 1890 for remembering laborers who suffered excessive use of force by police. After that time, all countries in the world have celebrated May Day and the day has been passed down.

In Korea, the first May Day celebration was held by the Korean Federation of Labor on May 1st 1922. Later, Labor Day came to be celebrated on March 10th in 1958 and then May 1st was changed to Law Day. However, Labor Day was returned to May 1st from 1994 because of the labor union and civil group's backlash.

Labor Day states a legal paid vacation of the Labor Standard Law under the provision of Designation of workers' Day Act. Therefore, if laborers are working that day, they can receive 1.5 times their original payment. We need to know that exact Labor Standard Law. So be careful if you receive unfair treatment.

May 10th Day of voters

We are legally eligible to vote at age 20 in Korea. The young people of today make light of the right to vote. Unlike the past, struggling to get a just right to vote like the May 18 Gwangju Democratic Movement, the young people of today easily have the right to vote. That being the case, many people don't know how important voting is. So the National Election Commission established a day of voters so as to have a sense of sovereignty through voting called 'the flower of democracy' and to recover trust about politics.

In May, There are many events such as Children's day, Parents' day and Teacher's day. Like these days, we need to remember election day. And then we should realize our right to vote.

Fortunately these days, the young people are concerned about politics due to the presidential impeachment issue. Thus, it is supposed to increase voter turnout. The fact that young people are interested in politics is a very desirable phenomenon. The young generation's concern can improve society. Until now, the older generation mostly takes the leadership in politics. But if every generation participates in politics and shares the view, our society can become a community of peace and prosperity.

▲ A poster of promoting voting

May 19th Invention Day

May 19th, Invention Day, was created to promote technical improvement and ideas of invention. The reason why the date is May 19th is because it’s the day King Sejong finished inventing the world's first rain gauge in 1442. So May 19th is currently observed as 'Invention Day' since 1957. The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) hosts various events to celebrate Invention Day on May 19th. And each elementary, middle and high school also hosts events to celebrate Invention Day. Our country has a dearth of material resources but an abundance of human resources. So these various events about invention are meaningful events.

These days in Korea, it is very important to welcome The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Therefore, Korea needs a systematic support system due to development of human resource. Because the key of The Fourth Industrial Revolution is technology from talented people, human resource is a major driver of growth in Korean industry. But Korea is losing human resources to other countries. This is a serious problem. Thus, we should prepare human resources management systems and raise the quality of math and science education. Also many events about invention should be revitalized to attract voluntary participation from students and to find human resources. This will come to protect our human resource.

by Gwon Min-Gwan, cub-reporter  1zstarz1@naver.com

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