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CWNU offering a new and brighter future to more people than ever
  • Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.05.13 01:38
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On April 25th, CWNU had a ‘Future Fusion College’ signboard hanging ceremony. It is only one of several lifelong education programs in Gyeongnam.

The CWNU Future Fusion College was founded in Gyeongnam only this year and has been supported by a 2.7 billion won government expenditure since the new semester. Moreover, it provides opportunities to get a degree for those who secured a job immediately after graduating high school and is for the general public.

Luckily, this college has had a good start. It recorded the best application rate in the country for freshmen recruitment for the first time this year. CWNU is the only college that exceeded the rate of application among the selected lifelong education college programs in the country. It is considered to be due to its prime location in the heart of a machine-industry city. In total, 145 freshmen entered the school.

The Future Fusion College has establishes new departments. They are Foundation Fusion, Asset Management and Anti-aging Health Care. Furthermore, it runs new departments with conjunction with existing departments like Mechatronic Fusion Engineering and New Industrial Fusion. The existing departments have evening classes for workers.

The Department of Foundation Fusion acquires theory and utility knowledge for making entrepreneurs who possess creative minds that can adapt effectively to global competition. Moreover, students can get certified in Foundation Education. The Department of Asset Management aims at fostering professional manpower for specializations in business finance and non-finance organizations. The Department of Anti-aging Health Care has experts in the fields of basic science and applied science related to anti-aging. In addition, it develops the study and power of execution to increase health enhancement effects. The Department of Mechatronic Fusion Engineering provides knowledge about all of mechatronics like machine, electronic and electron. Finally, The Department of New Industrial Fusion makes experts who will adapt to globalization and information by using diverse knowledge and education like consulting, management and economics.

The classes in this new school are held on weekends and at night. Also, some classes are conducted online because of students who have limitations to attend class. The students in this college can benefit from scholarships just the same as average students and get support funds to attend student council and clubs.

The CWNU Future Fusion College is looking forward to playing a leading role in offering study opportunities to consumers.

Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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