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A refreshing event in spring for busy students to enjoy
  • Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2017.04.21 12:03
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▲Cherry blossom shining with bright lights

April with a warm breeze filled with the scent of flowers. The lake of the dormitory is full of cherry blossom trees. The downhill road from the building of management to the dormitory is as beautiful as thinking of the image of wedding rails. Also, when strolling the lake by the dormitory, students indulge in the romance of the campus with falling flower petals.

For 3 days from last 4th to 6th, the cherry blossom festival was held at the lake of the dormitory. It was the 2nd cherry blossom festival following last year's. Rampant flowers and shining lights brought students and local citizens a warm air of spring.

On the 4th, Tuesday: There was Busking, celebration stages, couple matching, and an outdoor cinema. Celebration stages held performances by Phoenix, Pyhita, 4Dabeat2, Comuse, and Hanmadang to make entertain students. In the couple matching, 5 men and women were selected randomly among applicants and played 2 couple games on the stage. It made a good experience for pre-couples and the people watching them. There was an outdoor cinema with a movie on a big screen on the field of the dormitory lake. Students could borrow mats from the student body and watch the movie and various programs with some snacks they brought.

On the second day, people could try spring green bibimbap during lunchtime. From 5 p.m.: More busking, a Rummikub contest, Dream philosophy booth, and Dream mind pharmacy took place.

The last day, there were only booth programs selling plaster air fresheners, mosquito repellent, and drinks in the booths. They were all at a reasonable price which allowed students to purchase without burden.

The director of planning in the 33rd Dream student body, Kim Chang-ho said, "We are very satisfied that this festival ended with a positive response from students. We put a lot of effort to make it as amazing as we could but we tried our best to clean up all the trash around the lake… Fortunately, students cleaned up very well so it was not very harsh for us to straighten up.” He also mentioned about the mats, saying, “We lent mats for free to students and we got almost 100% of them back . We deeply appreciate students’ high responsibility.”

While numerous students showed positive responses, Kim Dae-hee(24) from the Department of Electircal Engineering siad, "Whereas I knew that the dormitory lake is beautiful, because I live in a rented room, I haven't been here a lot. It is also a good chance for the ones who aren't living in the dorms. I was reminded that the campus is awesome.” However, he added, “It is pretty disappointing that not many things were here except lights. Also, the lights were crowded on one side. It wasn’t balanced.”

Since 2016, the cherry blossom festival seems to be the culture of CWNU in the future. There were good points that amazed people but also some concerning perspectives that have to be addressed. With some changes in the following years, CWNU will definitely set a developing festival in the spring.

Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief  cg0314@naver.com

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