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6 upcoming activities that are making our society better
  • Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
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Starting ceremony of Law Love Supporters
Activity of LG Global Challenge
Inauguration ceremony of Suicide noxious information monitoring group

Law Love Supporters

If you are interested in the laws of our country and have a law-abiding spirit, then pay attention please. This international activity is by the university student’s volunteer work community. The Ministry of Justice has conducted this program since 2008 and marks its 10th anniversary this year. Its subject of recruitment is 160 university students who will make 30~40 teams. Moreover, this event consists of both online and on-the-spot activities. Online activities promote supporters and policy of the Ministry of Justice through SNS. On-the-spot is a practical movement that introduces law and order and invites attention. The main categories of the on-the-spot activities are clean sports, crime prevention and law-abiding order. First, keywords of clean sports are Pyeongchang Olympic, audience’s order and match fixing. Second, keywords of crime prevention are Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, Juvenile delinquency and Law love town. Lastly, keywords of law-abiding order are living etiquette, consideration and citizenship. Through using these keywords, supporters proceed with their work and document their progress on the web site. Furthermore, teams that record their work receive support funds and teams with excellent results receive incentives. The recruitment period is from April 1 to April 21 and you can download a sign-up sheet from the Ministry of Justice website. The results will be announced on April 25th and working period is from May of this year to April next year.

LG Global Challenge

I recommend this program to students who have a young dream and want to see the wide world. LG Global Challenge is a visiting overseas program with a long tradition in Korea and welcomes the 22nd anniversary in this year. It provides a differentiated experience than other programs because university students choose their visiting program’s topic and country. Moreover, it accords with social contribution of business that helps students to make new value in the larger world. Challengers acquire educations after the starting ceremony and initiate visiting activity for 2 weeks in our country or a foreign country according to their plans. In the process, LG fully funds them including airfare and allowance for board and lodging. Furthermore, LG evaluates their result reports after doing the LG global challenge and offers a scholarship and qualifies some to join the company or grants intern qualification. Its recruitment period is from April 10 to April 19. Moreover, qualifications for application are: be a university students in a four-year-course college excluding student on a leave of absence and graduate student. This challenge’s theme is to adduce a vision of the future through systematic visits. Document screening is on April 29 and the oral test is on May 25. In addition, the last announcement is on June 1.

Suicide noxious information monitoring group

Our country has the highest suicide rate in the OECD. If you want to improve this society’s problems and miserable reality, read this article. This activity is conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Korea Suicide Prevention Center. KSPC is working on a monitoring group program for preventing the spread of suicide noxious information and fostering life respect culture. Representative activities of Monitoring are suicide noxious information and mass media. First, suicide noxious information monitoring is an activity that aims to reduce the increasing suicide rate because of the spread of suicidal methods and committing mass suicide. The most important content of noxious information monitoring is finding noxious information like poison sale or photos that influence suicidal thoughts and report them to the KSPC. Next, mass media monitoring is reducing people who think of suicide because of mass effect. The most important thing of mass media monitoring is evaluating media report guides for suicide after seeing news about suicide and sending it to KSPC. Also, they write positive comments to introduce life respect. When they finish all the process, they receive volunteer time. The recruitment period is from March 14 to May 7 and the subject of recruitment is: university students and ordinary people. Please call the KSPC media publicity team if you have any questions.

Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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