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Origin of healthGoing from an apprentice in his 20s to the founder of an enterprise at 30.
  • Lee Hun, reporter
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1:1 management service of the Origin Health Care Center

In the era when 84,000 jobless people are searching hard for a job, numerous students are suffering from mental and material deficiencies along with a record high recession and an unemployment crisis. Now, we need more than just effort. It’s time to act with strategies and information. So, on the current issue, we would like to interview a person who can be a model for young founders. Good to see the representative of the Origin Health Care Center, Park Jung Hyun.
Q: Glad to meet you. Can I ask you about the Origin Health Care Center?
A: If you visit the Health Care Center for the first time, you can build customized programs through analyzing your posture and counseling about your body’s problems with state registered Exercise Specialists. According to your body condition and circumstance, you will visit the center three, two, or a single time a week to manage symptoms, and you can also select a one-shot program if you need to. Your body will also be checked regularly and an appropriate workout will be suggested henceforth. Our center is operated through a reservation system, so you can concentrate on your workout with a professional who will look after you completely. No waiting, no disturbance. Another advantage of the Origin Health Care Center is that you can learn an exercise that you can practice in your daily life
Beyond the hour-long
program you do in the center, we suggest the home program for you to constantly train and for you to examine your body better, and manage symptoms well.
Q: As I listen to your introduction, it seems that the Origin Health Care Center is ranging through previous health centers and hospitals. How did you start to achieve your dream?
A: Sports rehabilitation is a rehabilitation program for athletes who suffer from wounds and chronic pain. It aims to recover from such injuries and let them be able to return to thier field. This program was started from sports powerhouses such as the US. In Korea, athletes mainly used this program. But as the number of people enjoying leisure activities grew and concerns about fitness arise, this service became popular to ordinary people. I had a dream of being a rehabilitation trainer since I majored in Exercise Prescription and Sports Medicine. So I applied to the training course in the rehabilitation center for athletes, located in Songpa, Seoul to be an expert in this field. Then I experienced various careers such as a medical trainer for a table tennis team sponsored by the Korean Health Affairs Association, medical trainer of Gwacheon municipal dance company, field director of Gangnam posture rehabilitation exercise center, and trainer of the volleyball team in Kyonggi University. While building my career, I wanted to have a chance to work in a professional sports team, so I applied for several teams in Korea, but I failed for sometimes. Coincidently, I got a chance to participate in UiTM FC in Malaysia as a rehabilitation trainer through the
Government Global Internship Program. Through the program, I could apply my expertise on the ground, and achieve the goal I’ve dreamed of as a professional even abroad, successfully.
Q: You started a new company while you worked as a trainer, so did you have any difficulty through the process?
A: After I finished working as a trainer in Malaysia, I came back to my home, Changwon. Here, I started my own business on rehabilitation exercise which I planned, but couldn’t do
before. The fundamental knowledge I needed to ‘start’ a new enterprise could be found in internet courses (E-learning on foundation assistant center). As I began my company, I could get assistance from various national support centers such as ‘Gyeongnam Creative Economic Innovation Center’, ‘Changwon Foundation Support Center’, ‘One-man Business Support Center’ and ‘Dream Tracker’ in preparing the business plan and other vital information. Last year, I put my plan into practice and then I could develop by stages through consulting courses and consulting programs from various support centers and especially ‘Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Administration’.
Q: Could you tell me about the ‘Image of the Origin and yourself?’
A: Like our name, ‘Origin,’ our motto is getting along with our business while reminding our starting point whenever and wherever we are. For customers suffering from muscle and joint problem, it is crucial for us to focus on their facial expressions and their single words. Also, we should inform them every single posture in minute detail. Although our company is in its beginning stages, customers are increasing since musculoskeletal patients are managing their health better. Also, satisfaction on 1:1 management service is rising, so we are reaching a plateau. It was a tiring and hard process to pursue my vague dream from a university student in Seoul to Malaysia, and concerns around let me down for a while, but I found myself doing what I wanted to do, and trying rather than worrying about failure. So, I decided on a challenge to start my own company, and I have no regrets
on this decision.
Q: Could you give some advice to our students?
A: Regardless of your field and concerns, have some courage to take a step forward rather than being afraid of failure. I believe you will find yourself truly in the near future. I hope you can find that Origin so
on enough.

Lee Hun, reporter  20160189@changwon.ac.kr

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