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People who should be noticed in the first half of 2017
  • By.Lee Yun-kyeong
  • 승인 2017.03.20 10:25
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  • Politics : Moon Jae-in (Former leader of Deobooleoh Democratic Party)

    On 20th March 2017, the impeachment of President Park was decided, and the impeachment phase entered a full-scale presidential election phase. It is because the presidential election should be held within 60 days after a constitutional impeachment decision. Under such a situation, the presidential election candidates have already prepared the 19th presidential election. Moon Jae-in (Deobooleoh Democratic Party) stands out from other candidates. According to the Korea Gallup Daily Opinion, Moon Jae-in 32%, Ann Hee-jung 17%, Ahn ?-soo 9%, Hwang Kyo-ahn 8% and Lee Jae-myeong recorded 8% in the public opinion survey for the next presidential candidate. Moon said “I am a verified candidate and cut out for cleaning up corruption. It was because I had experiences of national affairs and was awaiting and preparing many times. I can be supported equally in all areas.” Also, major policies are security – reducing military service period by 18 / Increasing defense spending, public - creating not only civil servants but 8,10,000 jobs and welfare - The state is responsible for dementia. Currently Moon is the most influential candidate to be elected as President but there are quite a few people opposed to his policies, and as other candidates are coming up in the race, we need to see who will be elected president in the 2017 presidential election.

  • Economy : (Yuhan-Kimberly Cooperation Headquarters & CSV Director)

    "Solve social problems in business." This is why Yuhan-Kimberly was chosen aside from Samsung, Lotte, and Hanwha which are hot topics these days. Entered into a low growth phase worldwide, complicated social problems hidden in economic growth have appeared. In addition, Korea faced a periodic problem of "low birthrate and aging population". From a corporate standpoint, under such circumstances, it is not easy to gain opportunities for growth. Yuhan focused on the aging of society and started CSV with the intention of simultaneously making a business by solving the problem by combining this social problem with the demand for it. CSV is Creating Shared Value. Specifically, there is a business activation support project for senior small businesses. And in 2016 we started senior care manager and senior life care manager project, directly creating high quality employment for seniors. As a good employment model for seniors, it can be a senior health manager. Director Son said about the ultimate goal of the CSV project, "It is to make seniors themselves sanitary and manage their health without the help of other people. At the company level, it is possible to extend business by recognizing that finite Kimberly products for seniors will help themselves for independence. From the viewpoint of CSV, as an active senior of elderly people, we can leave the subject of simple welfare, solve the aging problem, and at the same time make economic benefits through business. A strategy to seek sustainable growth finding ways companies can grow together while solving social problems in the current low growth is worth watching.

  • Culture : Lee Soo-kyeong and Kim Seong-hwan

    Biennial International Art Festival, also known as the World Oriental Art Olympic Games The Italian Venice Biennale) was invited to an exhibition that saw two Korean artists. Lee Soo-kyeong (54), a medium-sized artist known for work of attaching fragments of broken pottery to proliferate and Kim Seong-hwan (43) who installs susceptibility related to his childhood and domestic and foreign space experiences. They have not focused on specific epidemics and market preferences, and have focused on working freely and revealing freedom of thought and sensitivity. Not only the depth of reflection but also knowledge of some detailed genre work such as drawing, installation, video, etc. they are acknowledged meritocrats. They also have strange similarities in that they use history and memories of their growth period as a clue.

By.Lee Yun-kyeong  poik9874@naver.com

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