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Hangover soup restaurant, Konggama
  • Park Hyunjong,cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.12.06 11:19
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, Konggama has been taking care of alcohol-wasted university students’ hangovers for several years. Students who wake up in the morning with serious hangovers move desperately to Konggama to cure their ill feeling. Bean sprout soup costs only about 5,000 KRW, and contains many ingredients and nutrients that are good for soothing symptoms after overdrinking. The restaurant serves not only soup, but also various side dishes. This reporter interviewed the owner of the representative hangover soup restaurant in town.

Q. Hello, please introduce yourself to the readers.

A. Hi, My name is Kim Bokrae, running a restaurant in front of Changwon University. I am 67 years old.

Q. When did you decide to start a restaurant in front of our university?

A. It was about 2008, I guess, but I’m not so sure because I am too old to remember that moment.

Q. Don’t say that. Though it is true that you started to run your business quite late in life.

A. I started this restaurant right after my husband retired. We spent almost all severance pay money on this restaurant. My husband was an executive of a heavy machinery enterprise in Changwon.

Q. Is the man who is usually sitting in front of the door of the restaurant your husband?

A. Yep. Not sure who you are talking about, but a man resting in front of my restaurant must be my husband. He is actually older than me, but he is healthy enough to run this restaurant. He fixes things when the break, he lifts heavy stuff for me also. I cannot run this restaurant alone. He helps me a lot.

Q. How many customers visit here daily?

A. I can’t tell you the exact number because I have never counted. Whenever I open the shutters in the morning, from 10 to 15 people are here. I am so appreciative of them because they come to my restaurant so early in the morning. Lunch is the busiest time. Students may have all different lunch times; numbers of customers are change hourly. At dinner time, residents near here or taxi drivers are the main customers. All the students are sons and daughters to me. I am happy by just watching them eating my food.

Q. You are called the ‘goddess of hangovers’. What do you think about your nickname?

A. Oh, You are so funny. I am so appreciative if students visit here when they are undergoing the aftereffects of overdrinking. The broth of the soup is made of anchovies and seaweed. Broth and bean sprouts both are good at soothing hangovers. Above business, when I see students going to study after eating soup, I feel great about it.

Q. Can I ask you the income?

A. Sure. The pure profit is about 4 million KRW after taxes and the rental fee. These days, there are too many things to pay. However, it seems that I earn much more money compared to the income when my husband was working.

Q. Is there anything to tell students for the last word?

A.I want to give my thanks to students who love my restaurant. I am really happy to see students eating my soup. You are just like my sons or daughters. Just tell me when the quantity is not enough. I would be happy to serve you more.

By Park Hyunjong,cub-reporter

Park Hyunjong,cub-reporter  tommyhil4444@naver.com

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