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The relationship between President Park and Soon-Sil Choi
  • By Lee Hun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.11.10 00:11
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President Park and Ms.Choi in their earlier years

The relationship between President Park and Soon-Sil Choi goes back as far as 40 years ago. Ms.Choi used to be a good companion and a secretary to the president from the beginning. Since then, she expanded her sphere of activity and business thanks to President Park. Considering the fact that Geun-Hye Park drifted apart from her two siblings, Ms.Choi seems to be the closest person to her. The president was introduced to Ms.Choi by Tae-Min Choi, who used to be a mental mentor, in the middle of the 1970s. President Park and Ms.Choi have became so close since the former president, Jung-hee Park passed away. It was even witnessed that Ms.Choi called the president her 'sister'. There is even a story that President Park got help from Ms.Choi when she was hospitalized as a result of a knife attack in 2006 during her local election campaign. This shows how long Ms.Choi has been helping the president with clothing, accessories, and female products. However, Ms.Choi does not seem to be a normal companion or a female secretary to the president because she took part in business related to the president’s organization in earnest in the early 1980's. First, she established an attached kindergarten in which Geun-Hye Park was the chairman of the board. Second, she was also in charge of scholarship work as the vice president of the Foundation of Korean Culture in which she took over as chairman of the board from Samyang Foods Co., Ltd. The Foundation of Korean Culture, located in Sin-sa dong, Seoul, is the place known to be where the president wrote the statement of one‘s secession from her party while she seceded for a while in 2002. President Park came in and out of the place even right before the dissolution of the presidential election situation in 2012, so this place was called 'Sin-sa dong Team', meaning that Ms.Choi was in charge of a great deal. Only a limited number of people in the political world know the fact that Ms.Choi accompanies the president. One personnel said, "Ms.Choi followed and accompanied the president when she was interviewed at a broadcasting company in 1994. When refreshments followed after the interview, I was surprised by the fact that Ms.Choi was even there. How could a normal secretary attend that event?" Another political personnel said that when the president visited the UK for business after she was selected as a member of the National Assembly, not a formal aide, but Ms.Choi accompanied her. "She did the translation for the president as she was good at English and decided great and small things instead of President Park." It was also said that Ms.Choi looked very confident and intelligent. Another political personnel even said that he witnessed the president spending time with Ms.Choi's family in another country. As President Park is rapidly becoming more of a political figure, Ms.Choi probably decided not to be discovered. Ms.Choi is still called 'the chairman' at the Mir and the foundation of K Sports but is in charge or nothing. She only handled human resources affairs and use of funds by deciding close personnel. As Ms.Choi is not back from Germany, (at the time of this writing) this doubt is becoming bigger and bigger. The director of the special investigation said that the president is not the target of the investigation. Although the interpretation of law is so, this situation will not end as the majority of citizens think the president is the target. As the situation is getting worse and worse, it is insisted that the president be investigated by her own accord. Now the voice from the students at Changwon University are becoming louder and louder. We now anticipate how the student council will deal with this problem.

By Lee Hun, cub-reporter  pjh327s@naver.com

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