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CWNU’s poor construction worries raised by typhoon
  • Choi Ga-Yun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.11.01 12:52
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On October 5th, Typhoon Chaba hit Korea. Many regions were damaged by the storm. Changwon also had a lot of damage. On this day, CWNU was a madhouse. They didn’t have any preparations, so there was a lot of damage. Things had to be brought indoors which could be blown by typhoon winds, and flowerpots removed from window frame. Moreover they had to modify the trees by lopping off branches because they can break. But they didn’t do any of these things. In the dormitory, students were prone to slipping and being hurt by water on the floors which leaked from the ceiling and the dormitory lobby was flooded by water. Outside of the dormitory, the exterior ceiling was broken by wind; it a was very dangerous situation and could have resulted in a major accident. Dormitory managers were very worried about student’s safety and they announced several times, “Please don’t come outside.” Also, they closed the dormitory doors and prohibited going out for students’ safety. Some students who left home or the dormitory returned because of strong wind and rain. In the classrooms, dangerous situations also existed. At the office of Department of Mass Communication and the college of social sciences computer room, a lot of classrooms weren’t fit for classes to proceed. Because of water leakage, there was water all over the floor. The problem was leaks at the same place as last year when we underwent another natural disaster. By this, CWNU’s proper construction doubts were raised again. CWNU officials deny poor construction continuously. But CWNU building conditions are enough to suspect poor construction. It was shown by Typhoon Chaba. The is not the first time CWNU’s construction has been doubted. At CWNU newspaper, the poor construction has been revealed several times. But CWNU official’s reply was the same, “It is not true.” These days, water leaks in buildings even in weak rain. Students’ nervousness is growing more and more. Freshman Park Ye-Bin (International Relations Department, ‘16) said, “When I entered the school, I heard that ‘BTL dormitory was built under poor construction’ at first. At first I didn’t have any thought, but when natural disasters arise, I feel uneasy and I think the buildings can’t protect us. I didn’t know about building cracks occurring easily, and it affect us. I’m so afraid that It occurs in really dangerous situations. Also when Typhoon Chaba hit CWNU, I felt worried and bad for friends who went to class. I think school must promise our safety, but rather, CWNU threatens our safety. When news of Typhoon Chaba was big, I saw CWNU’s news about the damage appear on the Internet main news. My friends caledl me with CWNU news, I was embarrassed. I want to hide that I attend this dangerous school.” She expressed concern of poor construction and security. Many students want to know about CWNU’s poor construction and have complaints about nervousness and safety. The school has to find a solution to solve students’ worries as soon as possible. I’m so upset because we have doubts about our space. The school has to solve student curiosity as soon as possible. Also, they have to start repair work about the building, before another natural disaster threatens students.

Choi Ga-Yun, cub-reporter  rkxnsl@naver.com

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