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Is Donald working for Hillary?
  • Luke Hanson, revisior
  • 승인 2016.10.11 16:41
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After the first presidential debate and looking at the interaction between the two leading contenders in the running for the highest position in the United States, one could gather that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump really don’t like each other. The fact that they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum shouldn’t really matter because, for Mr. Trump, he’s only pretending to be a Republican. In the past Donald has supported Democratic candidates and donated money to the Clintons. So what makes them seem to hate each other? Is it just what the race for the top job of the land does to people? Or are they deceiving all of us with a huge scam to make us feel like we are choosing the leader of the US?

Some have theorized that this presidential election is a conspiracy orchestrated by Hillary and her Democrat cronies. Using the evidence that Donald has supported the Clinton’s in the past and that he was allegedly a Democrat himself until deciding this round to run as a Republican, they believe that The Donald is working for the former Madame Secretary. I don’t know that Donald Trump is truly a part of any political group at heart. I think he just does whatever he believes will bring him the most success. But what if some people are right that he was only running his campaign in order to swing votes toward his former friend? Also, could it be that that was his and her original plan and that they expected it to sway more people to vote Democrat, but that somewhere along the way he changed his mind and realized he might actually have a chance to become the president of the United States?

Either way, whether he was working for Hillary, is still working for her, or has always been just genuinely trying to obtain the Oval Office for himself, it’s a scary election. I wish I could clearly see a more fitting future leader of America, but I haven’t been totally convinced that Mrs. Clinton isn’t a puppet of corporate America, having her strings pulled by the financing of big banks and companies that gobble each other up and destroy the competitive market in America. Maybe Donald hasn’t paid federal taxes which is bad, considering he’s trying to get the top job that’s paid by them, but maybe Hillary also has too many of her own skeletons. Has her life’s work as a politician hurt America and lost people’s jobs, or has she deserved respect as a self-made woman from a ‘middle-class’ background and helped other families to succeed as well? It’s hard to tell.

There are other options for president, such as Gary Johnson, the libertarian, but he doesn’t even know what Aleppo is and can’t name any non-US leaders. He may have a good idea about domestic issues, but can’t he at least read some newspapers and stay in touch with the world? Where is the world going anyway?

Luke Hanson, revisior  lukejhanson@gmail.com

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