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I’m still hungry
  • Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2016.09.05 11:12
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In 2013, I became a freshman in the Department of Mechanical Fusion in CWNU. At the same time, I was working for Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction as a technical assistant manager in the nuclear manufacturing engineering team 1. To explain, I have been managing, developing, and repairing welding robots which will take the place of people in the foreseeable future. I am also a consultant for swimming goods as well as a scuba diving and swimming instructor.

To bring back my story to the youth, I was at a crossroads. Without knowing my exact interests and aptitudes, I had to choose high schools to apply to. I took for granted entering university after graduation from high school, so no wonder I chose a school with more possibility in

entering prestigious universities. My teacher told me that there are still many ways in technical high schools. That is the decisive reason I entered a technical high school. My department was electronics.

Unlike my prediction, I went through a stormy period of adolescence at the age of 17. I was a so-called troubled student. After 3 years of high school life, I was employed in a small company. While I couldn’t find anything interesting there and wanted to quit, on the grounds of family expediency, I worked there for 5 years. With the severance pay, I blindly went to the U.K. to study English. To be honest, after arranging my tickets and enrolling in a language institution to get issued a visa, I didn’t have much money. I knew it would not be possible for me to hold out for a long time in the U.K. with this amount of money. I had a mind that if I couldn’t get a job on arrival in the U.K., I would come back to Korea, giving up all the money I invested in myself. I was reckless at this point.

After studying in the U.K. and a long trip to many countries, I came back to Korea. Even though I studied English, not many circumstances changed. I entered a small company. However, by working hard, I could move to Doosan which was my previous company’s major account.

I’m satisfied with my life in Doosan. Most university students even say that it’s their dream to enter major companies. However, a number of my co-workers say that working for a major company isn’t ‘all that’. I also agree with them. This is because it is important to make your way in the world along with working as a part of the company. As I stated above, I have been working many jobs. Besides, I have classes in the evening after work for about 9 hours. When I work after hours, I ask to be excused to attend classes and go back to work the extra hours. There is also a difficulty when my department is having a get-together. Get-togethers are not just having dinner together but an extension of work. Thus, not attending the get-together is disadvantageous to one’s career. Notwithstanding the hard time, I have never regretted choosing studying again. Since I excelled at understanding robots due to a 10-year hands-on-background, I lacked the concept of welding. Furthermore, I had a hard time communicating with the welding operator. This is one reason that I acquired ‘The national welding master mechanic’

To be frank, my dream is to succeed. Success as it stands, to achieve what I aimed for. You might think it’s ridiculous that I deal with welding robots, at the same time, I consult swimming goods. However, I will have been combining the ideas about swimming goods I have now and the technique I have been gaining in this field. Not just yet, I am in the prime of having numerous dreams.

I recommend you to read a book Era of Loss. It is for all the young going through the era of loss. Plus, I would like to entreat to read as many books as you can instead of accessing mass media. By reading books, you can broaden the scale of your thinking.

The youth, your path to go is not too dark! Gather heart.

Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief  cg0314@naver.com

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