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CWNU, 'ACE Moral Camp’ opened the holistic educationone step to transfer information of knowledge to the experience of knowledge
  • Sarah Park, reporter
  • 승인 2016.09.05 10:48
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'ACE moral camp' , Dosan Seowon in Andong Gyeongbuk cultural scholar training center, has been training for the scholar to experience the spirit.

“Advancement of College Education (ACE)” in CWNU arranged 'ACE Moral Camp’ during the last summer vacation. It’s goal was to transfer information of knowledge to the experience of knowledge to students through the practice of humane education center in the spotlight.

CWNU ‘ACE’ Agency said it was held June 30 to July 1, at a retreat in Dosan Seowon in the Andong Gyeongbuk Scholar Culture Center. 57 students participated in the camp including three undergraduate Chinese students.

Students on Day-1 learned honor conversation with the grandson of Toegye Yi Hwang, frugality and integrity, healthy relationships and the scholar spirit. They ha

d a special guest Kimbyeongil, the principal of the Scholar Culture, learning about mental training. He spoke about “Desirable life and the scholar spirit in the 21st Century" and discussed the scholar spirit for university students.

Day-2 was a time of introspection and reflection on the way of Toegye meditation road, followed by a scholar on the subject of life and education in Cheongnyang Mountain. Students also visited Hakbongjongteak Castle to practice ‘Noblesse oblige’ spirit from the ‘Seonbi’ (scholar) and finished the impacted training curriculum.

The tough camp attracted a lot of attention particularly because it was reported on by the nation's public broadcaster. This camp consisted of 1-4 grade male and female students. Everybody directly participated to share experience the spirit of the scholar. It will greatly contribute to the improvement of individual morality and personality by discussion.

ACE Project Director, Sindong-su said "Undergraduate education leading University Program (ACE) will receive a certificate of ‘good teaching university’ from the Ministry of Education, CWNU will do our best to raise student’s knowledge as well as creativity and professionalism. One of the goals of CWNU is to nurture student’s talent and combine the toughness throughout so they continue to grow as people with respect, caring, sharing, and holistic personalities to others and through a variety of character education programs."

Sarah Park, reporter  96sarahpark@naver.com

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