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Should we respect human rights of sex offender?
  • Hwang Dong-Hyun, Lee Dae Woo
  • 승인 2010.03.29 00:03
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1) agree

by Hwang Dong-Hyun
Dept. of Civil Engineering

Police department must protect sexual assailant’s human rights.
People were reluctant to talk about assailant's sexual assaults, because sexual assault cases were so terrible. It is hard for the victim to describe sexual assault scene. Moreover, the fact that lots of victims are children came as a shock.

Needless to say, sexual assaults are the most awful crime and it must disappear. However recently, assailant's rights were broken by mass media to make public his information, for example disadvantaged growth, family relations and so on. Even, police didn’t take minimum protection against his rights. Angry people hit assailant's back head. If someone who has rancor to him plans to attack with dangerous weapons, it will probably be successful. Of course, he must be judged on laws, for committing crime that was indelible. However I think it is also a crime if citizens and mess media break assailant's right.

The reason why criminal's human rights should be protected, is 'natural rights of man.’ It is enacted that constitution doesn't violate human rights of nation and punishment must need to be on a logical basis. Also suspects or defendants are innocent until the court rule that they are guilty. This is the reason why criminals are also supposed to have human rights.

Lastly, I want to tell readers, 'Hate the sin but not the sinner,' which is saint's word. In criminology, criminals are classified into two groups. One group named "determinism" is a criminal for social environment. In other words, a criminal doesn't want to be a criminal, but social irrationality made him a criminal. So, it is a big mistake if we criticized a person.

2) disagree

by Lee Dae Wook
Dept. of Economics

We must respect the human rights of other people. However, felons are not just like everyone else. They target at and injure innocent men, women and children. Nonetheless, human rights organizations called for their human right protection.
Is it a right thing? I don't think so. The reason is that felons are dangerous and bad people.

So we must be release their face and address. But human right activists opposed the step in the right direction. Why did they do it? I don't have a clue. I wonder if it's really all right to do this.
Sex offenders have a very high rate of recidivism and growing second conviction rate. Therefore, we have to protect our safety from felons and sex offenders. We have the right to protect ourselves. The best solution is to release the identities of sexual offenders and felons.
Let us suppose ruthless criminals are strutting down the streets. Maybe we will be helpless. Is the protection of human rights of the criminals right?

These sorts of behavior are not acceptable. They have to be treated like a latent criminal. Is this flagrant abuse of human rights? Are you sure? Absolutely not! Do you remember Kang-ho sun and Jo-du sun? They are very devilish felons.
They raped murdered many women and children! They have made an unforgivable mistake. But human rights organizations were always worried about devilish felons. There is no one who thinks they are the victims. This abuse of human rights must not go unchecked. (about victims...)

Could I ask you a personal question? What if you or your family are assaulted and are raped by them? It's too horrible to even imagine, right?
The felons should be separated from society completely and permanently! The human rights are not a necessity to them and must be restricted. Nobody can express dissent on the decision to enhance protection of the rights of victims.
I am not alone in this opinion. There is a wide body of opinion that supports this proposal.
My conclusion is very simple. We have to release the identities of sexual offenders and felons! The sexual offenders and felon should be separated from society completely and permanently.

Hwang Dong-Hyun, Lee Dae Woo  -

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