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Should we stop practicing Web McCarthyism?
  • Jung Jae Hoon, Bae Won-Yong
  • 승인 2009.09.28 22:04
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1) agree

by Jung Jae Hoon
dept of Information and Communication

There are many incident netizens conducting a witch-hunt against celebrity. Recently a leader of 2PM, Jae-Bum, the famous star has become an issue because of his remarks. He lived in USA in his childhood and during his period of a trainee he had difficulty adjusting in Korea and he wrote that article. So it became an object of public concern and then he was finally seceded from his group, 2PM and he has gone to his hometown. In an instant, a man with splendid talents get lost. I am not his fan and not a defender for him. And I do not want to just kindly forgive him since he was just a boy with little sense. The problem is glaringly wrong. But obviously, he did a fault, we do not see the substance of the incident, and we just blindly follow the trend of public opinion. Most of us act in accordance with public opinion and turn back abruptly. Maybe most of us like him or some of us are indifferent to that singer, however, now all criticize him severely. Is there any one comforting his sorrow? when you say you will cheer with him, you never do it after he were in a predicament.

Everyone points out the mistakes and criticizes him more severely because he is just an entertainer or a celebrity. If he reflects on his conduct, we also know how to forgive him at least once. I do not know all of us are honest and greatly pure but they are cold blooded and got no heart. Let’s remind a word “butterfly effect.” It means that small change like flapping the wings of a butterfly can be amplified to a big effect like a storm. Everyone experience that rouse the bin wavelength up by a slip of the tongue and blamed for improper language by others. All of us say hasty words that are soon regretted but people around you did not turn back abruptly, and maybe they forgave you and gave a chance to regret. But we are not for entertainment just the reason that he is a celebrity. I want you to be a people who can forgive others and hug them when they are regretful on his conduct and the incident caused him to mature. For instance, there is an instance which Jung Sun-Hee incur people’s anger by a rash word about candlelight rallies. She lost so many things because of the incident. She cannot be shown any longer on television broadcast or radio.

Her business is dishonored, and she and her husband are harassed with debts. He ended up committing a suicide. Directly, her famous friend Choi Jin-Sil also committed a suicide. There is no fault serious enough for everything to be lost for! We do not have that right to cruelly punish crimes. Sometimes netizens are very excessive. We must stop conducting a witch-hunt like this way.

2) disagree

by Bae Won-Yong
Dept.of electronics

We didn’t a witch-hunt but just remember that one foreigner who hated Korea came back to his country. We just followed ‘The law of the Universe.’ It doesn’t change. Never change forever. It means that any people don’t hesitate to be enraged at individuals who offer an insult to our own country. Besides, in democracies, any negative reaction to some one or other’s mind is inevitable. So, the reaction to an infelicitous remark of the idol dance group is not a witch-hunt. It is so natural.

Jin-Young Park said Jay was such a rude boy. At some interview, Jay said his purpose is on dancing, not singing. Because of a useless boy, our sporting newspaper is wasting time.

So may stupid girls are be missing him. They display their mind that a foreigner is more important than their country to everyone. So those opinions are not worth considering. But it is sorry to spend some time on the useless fact. Now we get too many problems to think and solve.

In Korea, most men get an experience as a soldier. To them, Jay’s rash conduct is like a foreign boy far from heart burning with patriotism about Korea. It is not easy for teen girls to understand that.

It is wrong to have someone point out the opinion which are pointing out the wrong problem. There is no persuasion in teen girls’ remarks. Because many teen girls are hard-working student. And they are just tailing after an entertainer.

What a witch-hunt? I think that it is irrelevant to the problem under discussion. It is just screaming from indiscreet teen girls. And it is just intention of press which are making use of a word ‘witch-hunt’ on bringing up hot issue.

Now we must not feel concern about any thoughtless action for such a long time. It¢쪾s a waste of time and energy. Because we are having so many social hot issues to solve. That is, I want our society to have an overriding concern about more important matters.

Our society extends a wide hospitality to constructive criticism. But the more important point is that we need an insight to penetrate essence of the matter and to bring to a conclusion.

Jung Jae Hoon, Bae Won-Yong  -

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