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Our readers' comments
Oh Ha-ryeon (Dept. of early childhood education 11)
I don’t usually read the English newspaper, but, The Campus Journal gives me vivid and exciting news of CWNU and helps me be familiar with English. The pictures and photos attached to the newspaper are in perfect harmony visually and don’t make it boring. I especially enjoy the entertainment articles because the articles arouse my interest and can be read easily. In addition, I think The Campus Journal helps us not only to be well equipped to study in college but also to improve our ability in English because it includes various subject matters.
Yang Han-gyeol (Dept. of Biology 11)
I can easily pick up The Campus Journal without repulsion to the newspaper because there are four big photos on the front page. I can read it with ease because of its subject matter that readers can accept without burdens; the latest news in CWNU and helpful peripheral information. Also, each section has fruitful content and is designed uniquely. I also think it may be rather distracting because a single page has a number of design elements. And unlike last semester, it is a good idea that The Campus Journal has a space where readers can participate in the newspaper. I hope you develop it more and more.

Jung Hwan-su  yabbi0311@naver.com

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