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Is unilateral decision justifiable?
  • Hwang Seong-Ju, Im So-Yeon
  • 승인 2010.06.07 22:32
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by Hwang Seong-Ju
Dept. of Tax Management

I agree to the general students' association's decision of cancelling 'Bong-rim athletic meeting' without the other students opinion. We can often see that when students are in charge of the event, students insist with the facts that they don't really know and claim their idea due to the advantage of their group. Besides, there are many ignorant actions because of the students poor conclusion.

This kind of ochlocracy does no good to the school. It makes the decision go slow that was supposed to be fast, and brings disunion even when they aren't intended to. When the problem occurs in the nation, the representatives of the state who are selected by the people make the settlement. Like this occasion, this case also had to be decided as quickly as possible. As a result, the student council could cope with the sudden change of their programs. If they made the decision in consideration of many student's opinions, collision would have been occurred, and the cancellation of the event would've delayed. That would result in the confusion of each person's routine.

I have another reason that I'm with the decision of the general students' association. The cause of the cancellation is the lack of participation. Students don't concern about the event, and they really aren't interested in its cancellation. There would be no meaning if only some of them are joining the event that everyone is supposed to join. So they don't deserve to argue with the student council's decision.

School is a reduced-size edition of the society. Like the representatives leading the citizens, when they are leading us, we should trust and obey their decision. They are the representatives elected by the students. Therefore, I think that they have the authority to cancel the event without student's permission. Of course, it is important that students must be in the priority in every decision that is made. but do we have to give up the other valuable things because of that one treasure?


by Im So-Yeon
Dept. of Public Administration

I think general students' association's decision about Bong-rim athletic meeting is wrong. Two days ago, the Bong-rim athletic meeting was to be canceled, When I passed in front of general students' association's room in Sarim student hall, I saw placards about promoted athletic meeting. The placards which were useless looks lonely. Likewise, general students' association and students prepared considerably for Bong-rim athletic meeting. We got a list of matches since the beginning of April. Since then, students stayed after school to play the game and cheer their team.

We eagerly expected the athletic meeting and prepared the occasion during all semester. However, our expectation and our effort became in vain. This time, the participation was so poor that 18 departments wanted to participate in the athletic meeting out of 60. So I consider this occasion failed in the original purpose which was designed to strengthen the unity, but sudden cancellation is not the best plan. The members of General students' association said that the sudden cancellation is due to representatives of each department. General students' association consists of representatives who were directly elected. So they have a right to decide the issues which cannot be asked to everyone personally or which is too complicated. But big events like Bong-rim athletic meeting joining all students must reflect each department's representatives' opinion. If they investigated participation rate at least one week in advance, sudden cancellation wouldn't occur and could persuade students to join.

In this event, people said that we have to cancel Borim Athletic Meeting. It's hard to imagine that there are no Festival and an Athletic Meeting in the University. It's important to find a solution instead of cancellation because of low participation. It seemed that the University did Bongrim Athletic to students by force because it was a regular event and they cancelled every class for it. Sports meeting in universities in not mandatory, but we sincerely invite students to come. If university accepts absence of individual department events, participation rates can be increased.

For those who will be coming, let us make the Boring-rim sports meeting in to a higher standard as well as an enjoyable event. Although such solution can be sought out, general students' association cancelled suddenly through inner conference. On this account, I have no option but to think that general students' association's judgement and preparation were insufficient.

I hope that general students' association take this opportunity to think about Bong-rim athletic meeting's problem importantly and next Bong-rim athletic meeting open in great success.

Hwang Seong-Ju, Im So-Yeon  -

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