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Is disciplinary punishment justifiable?
  • Kim Hyun-Ki, Park Seung-Ho
  • 승인 2010.05.24 10:18
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by Kim Hyun-Ki
Dept. of Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Engineering

If you see a Korean dictionary about the word ‘Gihab’, you can find two meaning. The first is ‘concentration of spirit for special action’. The second meaning is ‘In a school or an army, when someone makes mistake, give pain to him for never again do it.’ I want you to focus on second meaning. A senior can advise ?we call it reprove- younger man for younger man’s future. Because a senior older than younger man, so the senior can know if younger man does mistake again and again, undoubtedly it makes him going bad. So He can advise younger man which is right. But sometime this is really painful to younger man. That is second meaning of ‘Gihab’. The first reason what I agree with to give Gihab.

The second reason is connection with a senior’s mind when he reproves younger man for his fault. If he is offended with a younger man for his act. It is just bothering. The senior should have love and then advise younger man. That is true advice for a younger man. If the Younger realizes how much the senior loves him, he automatically respects the senior. Recently a bad accident has sprung up in Chungju. If the junior student ignored the senior, the junior made a mistake, so the senior can advise for her. But the senior took her bar and gave her too much alcoholic drink. That is not Gihab. Nobody say “Alcohol is related greeting” and “I respect the senior because they gave me a drink of beer”. The important point is that the senior is not angry about a greeting so he just bother junior, but to ignore senior effects his future, so the senior advises to junior. Too much reprove is not good but moderate advice is good effect for both. For the junior, the advice corrects his fault. For senior, he ought to examine himself before he correct junior’s fault. Because, He want correct junior’s fault, he should be free to that fault. If not, he really feels shame.

I think, someone makes mistake and he cannot correct oneself, it is better way to reprove than does it again and again. The Senior should ought to examine himself before he correct junior’s fault, and think about reason about to reprove. If just be angry or really concerned about the junior’s future, because loves him. And then he reproves the junior. When you reprove your junior student, you should regard for the feelings of others. This is a good example about to reprove. When you do this, junior students respect you and accept your advice and then you also love him because of junior students respect you.


Park Seung-Ho
Dept. of Control &Instrumentation Eng

A few days ago, a female student died because of heavy drinking culture at university. Senior students tightened discipline among freshmen. A female student did not know senior students' names. So, she had to drink alcohol under senior's coercion. She drank 8 glasses within twenty minutes.

When I heard this news, I was speechless with surprise. I do not want to impose alcohol on anyone. I thought no one also compel a person to drink alcohol nowdays. I think that drinking culture among university students is a necessary evil. Some people think drinking helps loosen up the tense atmosphere of the place quite a bit. But this issue is a difference in values. It has positive and negative effects simultaneously. Even though drinking has side effects, there is no better alternative to replace alcohol. We can develop drinking culture by ourselves.

I am going to explain by illustration. I am studying engineering. Most students are male students. There is stern relationship between senior and junior in school. Junior students should nod a greeting. In addition, they do all those chores at work. When it is the new semester of university, there are official event; general meeting, athletic meeting, membership training. These are somewhat troublesome. Senior students do not like to take part in these events. Senior pressure junior to go to events. Senior wish that junior are very obedient to their superiors. So, senior like stern the senior-junior relationship. Senior think "These days the junior appear to be slacking off. Senior must enforce strict discipline among junior." In my opinion, senior did the same as junior. But they forget all about the past. They do not reluctant to conduct harsh punishment. They are locked in a vicious circle. When senior were freshmen, they did not like senior's interference and enforcement.

I think reform the stern relationship between senior and junior. Easier said than done. We always endeavor to improve stern relationship at school. It is difficult to change behavior and mind. Bad habits are difficult to break. In order to establish soft relationship between senior and junior, we need to continue effort.

Kim Hyun-Ki, Park Seung-Ho  -

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