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8.15 Special Amnesty LawThe 8.15 special amnesty doing harm to clarity of law
  • Jung Jae-Hoon, Ko Hee-Eun
  • 승인 2009.08.31 22:00
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1) agree

by Jung Jae-Hoon
Dept. of Information & Techonology

I agree with the idea that we should grant amnesty for people who committed crimes to survive the economic difficulties in order to liven up the slack market. Some people sa President Lee Myung-Bak expect to get more supporter through this special pardons. But if he want to get just supporter he would not grant to only people who committed crimes to survive the economic difficulties in order to liven up the slack market. Also he try to grant fairly special pardons. For example, This is intended for only the first offense. Also, he except the people bear ill will against a parson of an old offender, we need to give one more chance especially to people who committed crimes to survive the economic difficlties in order to liven up the slack. The government of President Lee Myung-bak granted special pardons on major public holidays to 468 million convicted people including the focus of 152 million common people for the last one-and-a-half-year. Although most of the public support this policy, minority of a court of justice and their supporters claim that it is abuse of the prerogative of mercy.

Though the former presidents’ governments granted special amnesty on a large scale, this case is different in that the amnesty was granted mainly to humble classes. Some people said that this goes against equality. Their point is right in a sense. However, every humble class must drive for their livelihood in spite of license suspension for law violation. Violation is a gross fault, but we need to afford an opportunity one more time and deserve special consideration for common people.

It is wrong that the Ministry of Justice impose legal controls on the prerogative of mercy by justifiable Constitution of the Republic of Korea, claiming the abuse of the prerogative of mercy. To relieve innocent people who are falsely charged, we should grant amnesty for people who committed crimes to survive the economic difficulties in order to liven up the slack market. Also we make a radical reform of the legal system.

2) disagree

by Ko Hee-Eun
Dept. of International Relations

Have you seen the movie Independence Day Have a Special Envoy? In the movie, actors Seol Kyung-gu and Cha Seung-won perform criminals who want 8.15 special amnesty. This movie was a box office hit. However, have you ever thought that subject matter of movie is 8.15 special amnesty.

More than 1,527,770 people have been pardoned under a large scale of the special amnesty on August 15, a week before. The government announced that the special amnesty is to ease some of the burden on ordinary people and to give a true help under the dire economic situation amidst an economic crisis. Brutal criminals, businessmen, politicians and top government officials were ruled out.
However, the special amnesty, started in a positive atmosphere, has an extremely serious problem. It lacks consistency and clear identification in its law enforcement.

The law must consistently applied to all people. People should be able to predict what the law punishes and what the punishment is. Under the law, people call for the clear requirements which can determine their own action.

By the way, government is now trying to let the drunken drivers go back to their innocent past through the 8.15 special amnesty as t he government granted special pardons to convicted people of drunken drinking. It can make people unclear about drunken drinking and the clear identification of the law.

Moreover, due to the 8.15 special amnesty, the public cannot have a correct understanding of the danger of drunken drinking and it can instigate people to drink and drive.

The government has following criteria for the special amnesty of drunken driving: to exclude those who have been caught more than twice for drunken driving for the past 5 years. Nevertheless, whether the drunken drinking record is once or twice, it is absolutely true that they break the law. Breaking the rule is true and criminals should pay for it.
The law must be a sole and clear standard to the public. If the 8.15 special amnesty make a confusion to the public, it is only an event for the law breakers breaking the original purpose. It cannot represent an event to share and celebrate the joyful of the independence.

Jung Jae-Hoon, Ko Hee-Eun  -

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