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The mystery in 'Shutter Island'Movie

omeone disappeared without a trace. An incident which a patient disappear occurs at a mental hospital in Shutter Island, Boston. Teddy Daniels, marshal(Leonardo DiCaprio) head to Shutter Island to investigate the case with Chuck(Mark Ruffalo) who is his colleague. This hospital which take its position in Shutter Island is an isolation ward for the patient who was involved in serious crimes.

Actually, it is impossible to escape in this place. However a woman who kill her three children vanished into thin air with leaving a mysterious message. Although the doctor, nurse, the hospital and others was questioned by Teddy, they did not cooperate on the investigation. As they don't state a fact just as it is, the investigation was slow in progress. To make matters worse, There was a very heavy snowfall in this area, Teddy and Chuck were entirely cut off from the outside world. A strange thing happened more and more.

As a film was released, there were two reation of a movie critic. One said " it is well worth enough to watch. The other said "It is with great disappointment. It very lags far behind expectations for the director, Martin Scorsese.
first of all, Claudia Fuse, Claudius],as an critic of friendly reation said "Although the deficiency of the movie, what we can watch an obvious nightmare which was created by Scorsese and the Gothic world, these are well worth enough. Lisa Kennedy of the Denver Post said "it is not such a great work which would be moved us deeply.

But it is clear that this work obtain excellent results as a movie about madness and paranoia." "This movie arouse cinema audiences's curiosity from start to finish and I was rewarded well about the curiosity." said Tom Long in Detroit News.

On the other hand, as a movie critic with harbor ill feeling against this movie, A.O. Scat in the New York Times Magazine said "There are important problem in the center of this movie. It lose its bearings and make the audience kill interest"
Peter Hawell of Toronto Star express his thought that it is a Martin Scorsese's practice about badness of B-level movie.

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